Rear Rack too.

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Tubus Logo Classic

If you enjoy traveling without added weight, but with lots of luggage: the logo is the carrier for you. It’s build is particularly narrow and hangs your panniers one level lower; lowering the center of gravity and improving the riding stability.

Tubus Cargo Classic

Our classic – your favorite since 1988. This model is the basis for all of our carrier models. The CARGO is our all around carrier. Everyone is pleased with the performance of this carrier. On the road all over the world, the CARGO endures tough daily routine check-ups tested by it’s owners.

Tubus Fly-Stainless

An excellent choice for the weight-conscious cyclist and those looking for a minimalistic, lightweight rear carrier. 436 grams total weight. V-shaped design for the lowest profile possible.

Tubus Airy Titanium

Ultimate in Lightweight Touring The Tubus Airy is the world's first titanium carrier. The Airy is lightweight, durable, and ideal for minimalist touring. The Airy is rated to carry 30 kg or approximately 65 lbs, yet it only weighs a mere 0.79 lbs., which includes the titanium struts that mount the Airy to your bicycle's frame.

Tubus FAT

Tubus has done it... the wait is over! Finally a Tubus rack designed specifically for FAT bikes.

Tubus Disco

Disc brakes? No problem. The Tubus Disco is an ideal rack for bikes with disk breaks. The Disco's lower mounting is though the rear quick-release skewer. A longer quick release is included with the rack. The upper mounting of the rack connects to a bicycle upper rack eyelets. If your bicycle doesn't have upper eyelets, use the Tubus Seat Stay Mounts. These are available in five sizes to fit any bike. The rear reflector bracket allows you to attach almost all types of American and or European style generator lights. The Disco is made from Cromoly steel for a light yet very durable product. Check out our large selection of Ortlieb, Jandd, Vaude, and other panniers to add that extra carrying capacity that you have been looking for.

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Rack

For use with non-Alternator Dropout equipped Salsa Fargo and Vaya Frames. The Wanderlust is a light and durable rear rack with an extra long deck. Constructed from light and durable tubular aluminum alloy, with extra long struts for mounting a wide variety of frames.

Salsa Wanderlust HD Rear Rack

For use with non-Alternator Dropout equipped Salsa Fargo and Vaya Frames.  The Salsa Wanderlust HD rack is a more robust and modified version of the Wanderlust rear rack with more setback for panniers and a weight capacity of 55lbs/25kgs.

Salsa Alternator Rear Rack

Strong and stable. Strength, light weight, and the ideal weight distribution on your Salsa alternator dropout equipped bicycle.

Surly Rear Rack

Weight weenies, move on. This isn't for you. However, if versatility, durability and repairability are more important to you than a rack's weight, the CroMoly steel Surly Nice Rear Rack is for you.Simple to fine tune to the best angle for your panniers and eliminate any heel clearance issues.

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Whatever kind of bicycle you own, there is probably a Tubus, Salsa or Surly Rear rack to fit on your commuter, touring rig and everything in between. These racks add versatility to your bikepacking bag setup, allowing you to stash a change of clothes or any other form of gear in a set of pannier bags.

Here at Campfire, we focus on stocking Rear racks such as these as they keep your pannier weight low to the ground, allowing heavily-laden bikes to feel as stable as possible at both low and high speeds. Choosing the rack that works best for you involves checking whether your bike has braze-on mounts so as to work with a rear rack. If not, you’ll have to troubleshoot alternative mounting methods.