Surly Bags and Racks

Surly Racks are well-thought-out, durable, expedition-worthy racks that work with most panniers. Designed for heavy-duty touring, Surly Racks stand also stand up to everyday utility cycling and commuting.

The main body of Surly racks is made of tubular CroMoly steel. Although you’ll probably never need to repair them, it’s a comfort to know these racks can be repaired by a welder in your home town or in the most remote regions of planet Earth. You’re bound to find somebody who can TIG, MIG, stickweld, braze or solder a Surly Rack back together.

But don’t worry about that. Install a Surly front rack and/or rear rack and just load it up with the things you need to carry.

The Surly Bill and Ted will come to you as a chassis — a solid and stable platform that can haul up to 300 pounds. You take it from there. Make it your pickup truck, your camper van, your hot dog stand, your Mardi Gras foat — whatever you can imagine.

We carry the parts and accessories to let you share your creation with more than one bike.