Oveja Negra

Oveja Negra has embraced being the black sheep of the biking and manufacturing worlds, making bags that look and feel different from the rest since 2014. Based in Salida, Colorado along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, their shop has become a popular stop along the route, letting them draw inspiration from riders who drop in to talk about their adventures. 

What we love about Oveja Negra bags is that they are for the most part manufactured on site in the US with American-sourced materials. All their bags are cut and sewn by real people with real hands in a real-life environment ensuring that No two Oveja Negra bags are the same. 

We have a feeling that Oveja Negra have stitched up something that fits your individual style and needs to the tee, so go ahead and grab yourself the set of bikepacking bags that best reflect your own unique experiences and personality!