Campfire Built Dream Machines

Looking for your dream ride?

Here at Campfire, we build bicycles for the extreme rigors of bikepacking and the extreme fun of everyday adventuring. Considering the optimal choices of drivetrain, suspension, wheels and other components, we work with you to design the perfect ride for your wandering. Parts can be selected from our catalog of in-stock inventory or custom ordered from our many suppliers.

We work with the following bicycle frame builders:

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AJ’s Karate Monkey – featuring: Paul Brakes, PNW Loam Dropper, Son Dynamo and Industry 9 Hubs to Whiskey Rims
John’s Surly Lowside – featuring: Polished Velocity Rims to All City Hubs, Terravail Ehline Tires, Polished Paul Levers
Tony’s Co-Motion Divide – featuring: Build for 6’7″ 440 lbs. 203 rotors, Velocity Cliffhanger Wheels, Walmer Bar
Allisyn’s Gary FIsher Tassajara – featuring: Polished Sun Rims to Velo Orange Hubs, Sram GX Gruppo, Gravel King Tires
Shauna’s Jones LWB – featuring: Sram GX, PNW Coast Seatpost, Garbaruk Cassette and Derailleur Pulleys
Jon’s Surly Lowside – featuring: WTB KOM to Shimano SLX Wheelset, SX Cranks and just a touch of Green