Make it Mine, Your Comprehensive Bicycle Configurator

For the past four years, our Tucson showroom at Campfire Cycling has been a hub of excitement and creativity, where we’ve had the pleasure of customizing bicycles alongside our valued customers. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now extending this same exhilarating experience to our online community. With our brand-new bicycle configurator, you can infuse your bike with personality and style, all from the comfort of your screen.
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Save 10-25% on MIM Bicycles!!! + 20-30% on Upgrades, 10% on Accessories!!!

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It Begins With A Bike

Choose to customize your favorite gravel bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, even full suspension rigs from brands like Salsa, Surly, Kona and All-City.

A World of Possibilities

Our bicycle configurator is a treasure trove of options and upgrades, each designed to make your cycling experience uniquely yours. We’ve honed in on the elements that matter most, such as pedals, saddle, grips or bar tape – those subtle yet impactful touches that can elevate your ride.

The Personal Touch

Take your pick from a selection of cable housing, seat collars, and top tube caps to add that personal touch to your bicycle. And of course, we haven’t forgotten the importance of upgrading your tires, not just for style but to fine-tune your ride to perfection.

No Dropper?  No Problem.

If your bike doesn’t come with a dropper post but can accommodate one, we offer a convenient dropper upgrade option. It’s all about enhancing your ride to suit your preferences.

Bags Tailored for Your Bike

To complete the package, we’ve curated a range of specialty bags, perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs of your bike. Whether you’re a commuter or an adventurer, we’ve got you covered.

Get Creative and Save On Upgrades

Now, it’s your turn to inject some personality, style, and flair into your new bike. And the best part? You can save 20-30% on upgrades and an additional 10% on accessories. It’s a win-win that lets you enjoy the ride of your dreams while keeping your wallet happy.

Make it Mine!

At Campfire Cycling, we thrive on turning your vision into reality. We can’t wait to hear you shout “Make It Mine!” as you embark on this exciting journey of personalization and customization. Your bike, your style, your adventure – let’s make it happen together.