When the question of what bike tires we should stock our warehouse shelves at Campfire Cyling arose, a relatively recent arrival in the cycling industry won that raffle. Teravail is a Minnesota-based company founded in 2015 offering a diverse assortment of all-terrain bicycle tires. Despite it being an in house brand affiliated with Quality Bicycle Products -one of largest and most trusted parts distributors in the cycling industry- the Teravail line of products stand on their own merits and have consistently earned our top marks on all that we look for in bikepacking tires.

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Within the Terravail catalog, bikepackers will find quirkily named tires such as the Washburn, Sparwood, Cannonball, and Rutland that mean business. Expect to put some serious miles down on each of these bad boys no matter the terrain you choose to travel over.All of Teravail’s tires offer the choice between a ‘Light and Supple’ or ‘Durable’ tire option. The Light and Supple tire is lighter and promises a more comfortable ride whereas the Durable version is stiffer and focuses on flat protection. Teravail’s 60 TPI casing has a woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and inner casing. The more durable casings add butyl inserts and an additional ½ ply of 120 TPI in the tread cap, silencing any ’puncture worriers’.

We take pride in partnering with brands that embody the bikepacking culture and Teravail’s well-engineered, fit-for-purpose tires are a must-have for every wanderlusting bikepacker.