Old Man Mountain

Old Man Mountain has been making the burliest racks in the business for the bikes that get the furthest out there for a long time—26 years to be exact. Over the past few years, they’ve been shaking up the industry by releasing innovative redesigns of their classic products. This is largely due to the acquisition of Old Man Mountain in 2019 by Chris Kratsch and Katie Bryce—founders of The Robert Axle Project.

The acquisition was a natural one, since the two brands have a history of past collaborations and The Robert Axle Project brings its extensive production and engineering expertise with thru-axles to further the OMM line of products. Channing Hammond, the original owner of Old Man Mountain, continues to work with The Robert Axle Project, ensuring that the spirit and name of the brand is retained.

What we love about Old Man Mountain racks is their ingenuity. The racks operate on a unique platform and kit system, allowing for compatibility with multiple bikes. By relying on a smart axle integration and design, OMM racks fit just about any bike- whether road, mountain, gravel, fat bikes or e-bikes, there’s an Old Man Mountain rack for it.