Rene Herse

For close to a century, Rene Herse has been developing tires that are renowned in the cycling world for their excellent performance, tenacious endurance and a hunger and thirst for dirt road quests that knows no bounds. It is this particular desire to explore the outdoors that continues to make Rene Herse the tire of choice for cyclists, more so bikepackers who are keen on adventure.

The urge to step into the wild and enjoy the trails, is what pushes Rene Herse forward as it continues to produce tires that any off-road enthusiast, camper & mountain biker will be happy to own.

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As long as you are looking for a tire, there’s a high chance Rene Herse has made it. The time spent on their product development makes for very good tires that are guaranteed to take you through any terrain. And it is this particular point that makes Rene Herse the tire of choice for a lot of off-roaders & keeps them a step ahead of the rest. It is the attention to detail as well as its reliability, that endears Rene Herse to most adventurers.

Rene Herse’s revolutionary dual-purpose knobbies should excite any cyclist as they excel not only in loose & slippery conditions, but just as well on tarmac.