Rene Herse

For close to a century, René Herse Cycles, formerly Compass Cycles, has been manufacturing high-quality and lightweight bike components that are renowned in the cycling world for their excellent performance and tenacious endurance. The urge to step into the wild and enjoy the trails, is what pushes Rene Herse forward as it continues to produce tires that any off-road enthusiast, bikepacking camper & mountain biker will be happy to own.

The Seattle-based brand is headed by Jan Heine, a pioneer in the cycling scene who has been in the gravel game since before it was cool and was one of the first brands to offer lightweight, wide profile tires and down-sized chainrings that are now industry standards in the gravel scene. Manufactured in the same Japanese factory as Panaracer tires, René Herse gravel tires come in either knobby or slick treads and each tire size is named after a famous ridgeline and mountain pass in the United States. Beloved by the big names, Rene Herse tires are ridden by the likes of ultra-endurance athlete Lael Wilcox and two-time Unbound Gravel winner, Ted King.Rene Herse tires are crafted to meet the daily demands of outdoor exploration on two wheels and this has made them the tire of choice for cyclists, more so bikepackers who are keen on adventure. Rene Herse have been around a long time and their foray into bike tires has been very well received by the cycling community, it seems like these folks know a thing or two about bicycle tires.