PNW Components

Aaron Kerson and his wife Emily Kerson founded PNW Components in 2015 after an extensive career working for industry leaders like Specialized and Marin Bikes. Aaron noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, yet affordable bike components and developed PNW around that niche. Their brand is guided by a mission to make bike parts accessible to more riders and we are thrilled to bring their products to our customers.

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Here at the shop, we’re big fans of PNW Components, outfitting our bikepacking rigs with their dropper posts, levers, handlebars, and other PNW odds and ends. What we love about their products is they are easy to install, intuitive to ride, and practically maintenance-free. There is truth in the claim by the folks at PNW Components that their products “leave money in your wallet to buy other things… like burritos”. As a rider-owned company, PNW Components is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable  products —a commitment that aligns closely with our own ethos of making quality cycling gear accessible to all our customers.