We’ve been selling Ortlieb bags for 15 years. During that time, we’ve come to revere this great brand. Ortlieb’s name is synonymous with waterproof bicycle touring panniers. This is because everything in their design and manufacturing processes begins and ends with keeping water out.

Beyond this core design standard of achieving waterproofness, Ortlieb’s dedicated approach to bag design and manufacturing continues to push their bags forward into valuable new innovations.

Watching the evolution of Ortlieb’s product lineup, I’ve come to appreciate the on-going improvements. Each year, incremental changes are introduced. But these changes are almost always value driven, not about hype. These on-going incremental and value-driven changes build upon one another. This constant high-quality innovation is what makes Ortlieb great and keeps them ahead of the curve.

Ortlieb’s high quality products ensure your equipment stays safe and dry. Plus Ortlieb stands behind all products with a 5 year warranty.

***Please see our Ortlieb Repairs page for up to date information on available options of repairing Ortlieb Bags.