Complete Bicycles & Frames

Welcome to our home page for all of our bicycles and frames!

Here at Campfire, we are on a mission to get as many Tucson bums on bike saddles and feel that the right bikepacking steed for you is parked somewhere in our store. We focus on stocking brands that make bikes specifically for bikepacking and bicycle touring.

(See below for bike shipping rules and other details about our bike and frame selection)

Notes & Page Info

  • This page is replacing our Bicycles-In-Stock page.
  • What’s in-stock now can be found listed under each brand’s category.
  • Bicycles showing in-stock are available for online purchasing (unless other wise noted) as well as for test riding and purchasing at our Tucson showroom.
    • If a bicycle is not yet built up, this is noted in the product summary below the Add-to-Cart
    • Give us a call if you would like that bike built up to test ride.
  • For Surly and Salsa, we do list in-coming bicycles and can accept preorders.  (See details of what’s coming in the brand category after the products.)

Ordering and Shipping Info

  • Shipping on bicycles costing over $2000: Free!!! (Lower 48 Only)
  • Shipping on frames: Free!!! (Lower 48 Only)
  • Shipping on bicycles costing under $2000: $100 covers shipping, insurance, disassembly and packing time (Lower 48 Only)
  • 20% Return/Restocking Fee Applies for Complete Bicycles.
    • Returns also must cover return shipping costs as well as paying for any free shipping that the order qualified for.
    • See all of our Returns details.
    • Does not apply to frames.

One of the joys of bikepacking is that you can strap bikepacking bags to just about any bike and head out on an adventure. On the other hand, buying your first bikepacking bicycle can be intimidating. Should you get a bare frame and assemble it with a selection of carefully chosen parts? Will getting a new frame and building it up with your current parts do it? Or do you go for a complete pre-built bike?If you are new to bike touring, or have been off two wheels for a few years, the choices can seem endless.