Complete Bicycles & Frames

Here at Campfire, we are on a mission to get as many Tucson bums on bike saddles and feel that the right bikepacking steed for you is parked somewhere in our store. We focus on stocking brands that make bikes specifically for bicycle touring such as Bombtrack, All-City, Jamis, Salsa, and Surly. 

Our bicycles are also available to ship within the continental US. Currently, we are offering Free Shipping on bicycles valued at over $2000 as well as all bicycle frames. Shipping for bikes under $2000 is only $100.

If you prefer to see all of our available bicycles listed out on one page, check out our Bicycles-In-Stock page. This page also gives some insights into some bikes we have on the way to us that can be preordered.

One of the joys of bikepacking is that you can strap bikepacking bags to just about any bike and head out on an adventure. On the other hand, buying your first bikepacking bicycle can be intimidating. Should you get a bare frame and assemble it with a selection of carefully chosen parts? Will getting a new frame and building it up with your current parts do it? Or do you go for a complete pre-built bike?If you are new to bike touring, or have been off two wheels for a few years, the choices can seem endless.