We are thrilled to announce that Campfire is now an authorized distributor of Bombtrack Bikes! Bombtrack is a German company owned by WeMakeThings, which is also responsible for popular BMX brands like WeThePeople Bike Co. and Radio Bikes. Despite their BMX roots, Bombtrack has diversified its range to include gravel/CX, mountain, and road bikes, catering to the specific needs of bikepackers on different terrains.

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Founded in 2011, Bombtrack emerged from the founders’ passion for riding “big-wheeled” bikes, stemming from their background in BMX. The company’s approach differs from larger players in the industry as it relies on satisfied and passionate riders to spread the word, instead of heavy advertising. They actively collaborate with riders, distributors, and product designers to gather feedback and suggestions, resulting in a diverse range of bikes that cater to various preferences and riding styles. This kind of organic growth model and collaborative approach to business ensures that the bikes are well-suited to the needs and demands of the bikepacking community and is something we strongly believe in as a community-centered bike shop.