Bicycles In Stock

*Our Showroom is Open for Test Rides – Please see our COVID-19 Precautions.

To facilitate easier shopping, we are keeping this list updated daily with our current inventory availability as well as some insights into what we are anticipating to be seeing in from the four bike brands we stock. See notes below for details on what’s specified in the list as well as shipping costs for those outside of Tucson.

Bike o’ the Week (1/14/21) – Bombtrack Beyond 1 – Large

Jamis in Stock

  • Durango A1: 17″ (Ano Black), 17″ (Flat Olive), 19″ (Ano Black), 19″ (Flat Olive), 21″ (Ano Black) (All Models Arriving around January 29th)
  • Highpoint A1: 15″, 19″, 21″ (All Models Arriving around January 29th)

Bombtracks in Stock

Bombtracks In Our Future:
Cale, Cale Aluminum
(Our confidence level is 8/10 for receiving around February)

Surlys in Stock

  • Krampus: Medium (Suspension – Demonic Sparkle Party), Large (Suspension – Demonic Sparkle Party, In-Box)
  • Straggler: 54cm (Chlorine Dream, Photo Below)
  • Disc Trucker (700c): 56cm (Pea Lime Soup), 58cm (Pea Lime Soup, In-Box), 60cm (Pea Lime Soup, In-Box)
  • 2020 Disc Trucker (26″): 52cm (Hi-Viz Black), 54cm (Bituminous Grey)

Surlys In Our Future:
Karate Monkey, Ogre, Straggler
(Our confidence level is 8/10 for receiving over Jan. Feb. and March)

Salsas in Stock

Salsas In Our Future:
Cutthroat, Marrakesh, Journeyman, Timberjack, Rangefinder, Spearfish
(Our confidence level is 7/10 for receiving over Jan. Feb. March and April)

  • Specified next to the bicycle’s name – Ex. Spearfish (Carbon, SLX)
    • Bicycles with multiple frame materials.
    • Bicycles with multiple component builds.
    • Bicycles with multiple wheel sizes.
    • If no year is specified in the bicycle’s name, it is the most current model year available.
  • Specified next to the bicycle’s size – Ex. Sm (Blue, In-Box)
    • Sizes with multiple colors.
    • In-Box means we have the bike in stock but it is unassembled. Let us know if you’re aching to try it out and we’ll get on it.
  • Fees for Shipping Bikes
    • $250 per bike to cover shipping, insurance, disassembly and packing time.
    • Returns: 20% Restocking Fee + Cost of Return Shipping
A glimpse at the bikes on the floor – December 10, 2020
Bike O’the Week (12/17/20) – Salsa Journeyman 24 – One Size in Red
Bike o’ the Week (12/10/20) – Surly Straggler – 54cm in Chlorine Dream