Salsa Marrakesh Alivio


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The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio, a testament to thoughtful design and robust construction, is your road warrior ready for the long haul. Equipped with front and rear racks, a triple-butted steel frame, and high-volume tires, it promises a smooth and balanced ride. Whether you’re conquering steep mountain passes or gliding along scenic byways, the Marrakesh Alivio transforms every journey into an unforgettable story, turning miles into memories and roadways into adventures.


The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio is a testament to thoughtful design and robust construction, ready to carry your essentials with its included front and rear racks. Its triple-butted steel frame and high-volume tires promise a ride as smooth as a calm river, while its touring geometry ensures a balanced ride. The Shimano drivetrain, provide reliable performance, making even the steepest mountain passes feel approachable.

Envision yourself gliding along scenic byways, the hum of the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio’s tires on tarmac. This bike is a road warrior, designed for the long haul. Its touring geometry provides a balanced, comfortable ride. Whether you’re navigating the winding roads of the Alps or cruising the Pacific Coast Highway, the Marrakesh Alivio is there for you, turning miles into memories and roadways into stories of adventure.

Geometry & Ride Characteristics

CAD of 54cm Salsa Marrakesh Alivio (Use to compare/contrast bicycle geometries)

The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio is designed with a geometry that emphasizes long-distance comfort and dependable stability. Its relaxed effective top tube and moderate headtube angle work in harmony to offer a comfortable, upright riding position that reduces fatigue on extended trips. The adjustable chainstay length adds a layer of customization, allowing riders to fine-tune the bike’s handling and load distribution.

When it comes to ride feel, the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio is built for endurance and reliability. Its triple-butted CroMoly frame provides a balance of stiffness and compliance, ensuring efficient power transfer while smoothing out road vibrations. The bike’s longer wheelbase and adjustable chainstay contribute to its stability, especially when carrying a load. The TRP Spyre-C mechanical disc brakes offer dependable stopping power, making it a trustworthy companion for long journeys over varying conditions.

  • Headtube Angle: The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio has a headtube angle of around 70.75 degrees, which is less aggressive than racing bikes but more relaxed than typical touring bikes. This offers a balance between responsive steering and stability.
  • Wheelbase: With a wheelbase ranging from 1040.6–1107.0 mm, the bike has a longer footprint compared to standard road bikes. This contributes to enhanced stability, especially when carrying a load.
  • Chainstay Length: The chainstay length can be adjusted between 455–472 mm. This is a unique feature not commonly found in other bikes, allowing for better customization of the bike’s handling.
  • Stand-Over Height: The stand-over height ranges from 704.2 to 843.5 mm, providing ample space for riders to easily mount and dismount, which is particularly useful in off-road or uneven terrains.
  • Effective Top Tube Length: Ranging from 500 to 595 mm, the effective top tube length offers a comfortable reach to the handlebars, accommodating a wide range of rider heights.
  • Seat Tube Angles: The seat tube angle varies from 75.5 to 72 degrees across sizes. This is tailored to optimize the rider’s position over the pedals, enhancing pedaling efficiency.
  • BB Drop: The bottom bracket drop is consistently 77 mm across all sizes, which helps in lowering the bike’s center of gravity for improved stability.

vs. the Surly Disc Trucker, 700c

The Surly Disc Trucker, 700c, is built for rugged durability and is considered a workhorse in the touring category. It offers a stiff ride, which can be advantageous for heavy loads. The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio, on the other hand, focuses on long-haul comfort with a more relaxed geometry, making it ideal for extended trips. The Marrakesh offers a smoother, more forgiving ride due to its steel frame, which effectively absorbs road vibrations. While both are premium options, the Marrakesh is positioned at a higher price point.

  • Frame Material:
    • All-City Cosmic Stallion GRX: Uses A.C.E. Air-Hardened, Custom, Extruded steel, offering a balance between rigidity and compliance for a responsive ride.
    • Surly Disc Trucker: Uses 100% Surly 4130 CroMoly steel, known for its durability and ability to absorb road vibrations, making it ideal for long tours.
  • Fork:
    • Cosmic Stallion: Features a Whisky No.9 CX Disc 12 Tapered fork, lightweight and designed for precise steering.
    • Disc Trucker: Comes with a 4130 CroMoly, lugged and brazed fork, robust and designed to handle additional weight like front panniers.
  • Groupset:
    • Cosmic Stallion: Equipped with Shimano GRX 810, a gravel-specific groupset offering smooth and reliable shifting.
    • Disc Trucker: Uses a combination of Shimano Sora and Alivio components, durable but not as performance-oriented as the GRX
  • Brakes:
    • Cosmic Stallion: Uses Shimano GRX 600 hydraulic disc brakes, offering better modulation and stopping power.
    • Disc Trucker: Employs TRP Spyre C mechanical disc brakes, easier to maintain but may not offer the same level of stopping power.
  • Wheelset:
    • Cosmic Stallion: Uses All-City Go-Devil 28h hubs and WTB ST Light i23 28h rims, designed for lighter weight and better rolling efficiency.
    • Disc Trucker: Employs Novatec hubs and Alex Adventurer 2 rims, sturdy and can handle the rigors of loaded touring.
  • Ride Feel:
    • Cosmic Stallion: Designed for agility and speed, more responsive and better suited for aggressive riding styles.
    • Disc Trucker: Built for durability and stability, ideal for long-haul touring where comfort and load-carrying capacity are more important.
  • Geometry:
    • Cosmic Stallion: More aggressive geometry aimed at performance and speed, offering a more aerodynamic riding position.
    • Disc Trucker: More relaxed geometry, designed for an upright riding position comfortable on long journeys.

vs. the Bombtrack Arise Tour

The Bombtrack Arise Tour, is designed with a focus on adaptability, featuring a 4130 double-butted CroMoly frame. Its geometry leans towards agility, making it versatile for both touring and quicker rides. The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio, on the other hand, is built for long-haul comfort with its triple-butted CroMoly frame and more relaxed geometry. While both bikes are robust and capable of carrying heavy loads, the Marrakesh is more oriented towards sustained comfort on extended trips, whereas the Arise Tour offers a more dynamic riding experience.

  • Frame Material:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Utilizes 4130 double-butted crmo with a heat-treated front triangle. This material choice offers resilience and durability, making it well-suited for long tours and off-road adventures.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Features triple-butted CroMoly steel, which is known for its long-haul durability and comfort. The material is designed to absorb road vibrations, providing a smoother ride during extended journeys.
  • Fork:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Uses a 4130 crmo fork with additional rack and fender mounts. This offers more versatility for carrying gear and adapting to different riding conditions.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Employs a Marrakesh CroMoly Steel fork, specifically designed to be durable and capable of carrying heavy loads, ideal for long-haul touring.
  • Groupset:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Features a MICROSHIFT 2 x 10 setup, offering a wider gear range that allows for better adaptability to various terrains and riding conditions.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Uses a Shimano Alivio 9-speed groupset, opting for a simpler but reliable setup that is easier to maintain during long trips.
  • Brakes:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Employs TRP SPYRE C post mount mechanic disc brakes, which offer reliable stopping power and are easier to service in remote areas.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Uses TRP Spyre-C with 160 mm rotors, also ensuring reliable stopping but with a particular focus on long-haul touring where brake performance is crucial.
  • Ride Feel:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Geared for agility and dynamic handling, this bike is suitable for a variety of terrains, from city streets to gravel roads.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Designed for long-haul comfort, this bike is optimized for extended journeys where rider comfort is a priority.
  • Geometry:
    • Bombtrack Arise Tour: Features a geometry geared towards agility and quick handling, making it more responsive in a variety of riding conditions.
    • Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: Employs a more relaxed geometry, tailored for long-distance comfort and stability, especially when carrying loads.

vs. the All-City Cosmic Stallion GRX

The All-City Cosmic Stallion GRX, is designed for agility and speed, featuring an A.C.E. Air-Hardened, Custom, Extruded steel frame and a Whisky No.9 CX Disc fork. Its Shimano GRX 810 groupset and hydraulic disc brakes make it well-suited for both gravel and road cycling. In contrast, the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio is built for long-haul comfort and durability, featuring a triple-butted CroMoly frame and a Marrakesh CroMoly Steel fork. Its Shimano Alivio 9-speed groupset and mechanical disc brakes are tailored for extended journeys.

  • Frame:
    • Cosmic Stallion: The A.C.E. Air-Hardened, Custom, Extruded steel frame is meticulously designed for a responsive and agile ride. This material choice allows for a lighter yet strong frame, making it suitable for both racing and long-distance cycling.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: The triple-butted CroMoly frame is built with durability and comfort in mind, especially for long-distance touring. The material is known for its resilience and ability to absorb road vibrations, providing a smoother ride.
  • Fork:
    • Cosmic Stallion: The Whisky No.9 CX Disc fork is not only lightweight but also versatile, designed to perform well on a variety of surfaces from smooth roads to gravel paths.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: The Marrakesh CroMoly Steel fork is robust and designed to offer a stable and comfortable ride, particularly when carrying heavy loads over long distances.
  • Groupsets:
    • Cosmic Stallion: The Shimano GRX 810 groupset is specifically optimized for gravel and mixed-terrain cycling, offering a wide range of gearing options for climbing and descending.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: The Shimano Alivio 9-speed groupset is a reliable choice for touring, offering sufficient gear ratios for various terrains without complicating the mechanical aspects of the bike.
  • Brakes:
    • Cosmic Stallion: The Shimano GRX 600 hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent modulation and stopping power, which is crucial when navigating through unpredictable terrains.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: The TRP Spyre-C mechanical disc brakes are not only reliable but also easier to maintain, particularly useful for long tours where access to specialized tools may be limited.
  • Ride Feel:
    • Cosmic Stallion: This bike is engineered for agility and speed, making it more oriented towards performance cycling. The frame and component choices contribute to a lively, responsive ride.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: This bike is designed with comfort and stability as its core attributes, making it ideal for extended journeys and bikepacking. The geometry and componentry work in harmony to offer a relaxed, stable ride.
  • Geometry:
    • Cosmic Stallion: The geometry of this bike leans towards quick handling and responsiveness, making it suitable for a wide range of cycling activities including gravel and road cycling.
    • Marrakesh Alivio: The bike features a geometry that is optimized for comfort and stability over long distances. The longer wheelbase and relaxed angles are specifically designed to improve load-carrying ability and overall ride comfort.


Integrated Rack System: The Marrakesh comes standard with both front and rear Salsa racks, offering a level of integration that usually requires additional investment on other bikes, thereby enhancing its overall value.

Reliable Drivetrain: Featuring a Shimano Alivio 9-speed groupset, including an RD-T4000 rear derailleur and an FC-M4060 crankset, the bike ensures reliable and smooth shifting, which is especially valuable for long-distance touring.

Superior Braking System: The TRP Spyre-C mechanical disc brakes with dual-piston design offer near-hydraulic performance. This level of stopping power and adjustability is a standout feature not commonly found in this price category.

Ergonomic Handlebar Design: The Salsa Cowchipper handlebar provides multiple hand positions for long-ride comfort. This ergonomic advantage is usually reserved for more expensive models, making it a significant value addition.

Bag and Rack Mounting Points

The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio is well-equipped with a variety of mounting points to cater to all your bikepacking needs:

Down Tube Bottle Mounts: The down tube has three bottle mounts for a water bottle cage or for attaching additional gear. This is particularly beneficial for long-distance bikepacking where water sources may be scarce.

Seat Tube Mounts: The seat tube also has mounts for a water bottle cage.

Rack/Bottle Mounts on Fork: The Marrakesh features a 3-Pack boss set on each fork leg, as well as a 165mm standard low rider boss set on each leg. These multiple mounting options on the fork offer flexibility for carrying additional water bottles or gear, although they cannot be used simultaneously.

Front Fork Mounts: There are multiple mounts on both sides of the front fork for water bottles, cargo cages, or front racks. The Marrakesh comes standard with a front Salsa rack.

Rear Rack Mounts: The bike’s rear is equipped with mounting points for a standard rear rack, suitable for panniers or additional equipment. The Marrakesh comes standard with a rear Salsa rack.

Salsa Marrakesh Alivio Featured in the Wild

A Year-Long Adventure with the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio: A Review by Simply Cycling

In this compelling review by Simply Cycling, the author recounts their year-long global adventure with the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio. The bike earns high praise for its durability, versatility, and ample mounting points. However, the author also highlights a few minor issues, such as the decals and the ‘ready-to-ride’ claim that might not meet everyone’s expectations. The author confidently asserts, “After a year on the bike, I’m plenty happy with the Salsa Marrakesh. It’s a good bike. A really good bike… One year and ten thousand kilometers in, the bikes are still going strong.”

Salsa Marrakesh Review — Is This the Best Affordable Touring Bicycle? by Bicycle Guider

Bicycle Guider’s review of the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio highlights the bike’s robustness, practicality, and affordability. The author commends the bike’s triple-butted 4130 steel frameset, its ample cargo carrying options, and its reliable Shimano components. The bike’s tire clearance also receives praise for its suitability for expedition touring. Despite the bike’s mid-tier components, the author assures readers that these are tried and true choices that won’t cause regret. The author concludes, “Salsa Marrakesh is one of the best proper touring bicycles for budget-minded travelers who want recognizable Salsa quality without paying through the nose.”

Salsa Marrakesh Touring Bike Walk-around and Review by Russ Bucy on YouTube

In this video review, Russ Bucy shares his experience with the Salsa Marrakesh Alivio, highlighting its practicality, comfort, and versatility. He commends the bike’s multiple mounting points, waterproof bags, and the Jones H Bars for their multiple hand positions. The bike’s suitability for long-distance rides and daily commuting is also praised. Bucy states, “This is a very comfortable long-distance bike. I ride at least 200 miles a week, and this has been a great bike for me.” He also appreciates the bike’s steel frame, which provides a compliant ride.


Build Kit

The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio drivetrain is reliable, with Shimano Acera and Alivio components, including a 48/36/26t crankset and an 11–36t, 9-speed cassette. For shifting, it employs MicroSHIFT BS-T09 bar-end shifters. The bike is equipped with TRP Spyre-C mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors for consistent stopping power. The wheels are built around Shimano M475 hubs and WTB ST i19 TCS 2.0 36h rims, wrapped in durable, tubeless-ready Teravail Rampart 700c x 42 mm tires.


  • Frame: Marrakesh Triple Butted CroMoly
  • Fork: Marrakesh CroMoly Steel


  • Front Derailleur: Shimano Acera FD-T3000
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Alivio RD-T4000
  • Cassette: Shimano Alivio, 11–36t, 9-speed
  • Crankset: Shimano Alivio FC-M4060, 48/36/26t
  • Shifter: MicroSHIFT BS-T09 bar-end shifters
  • Brakes: TRP RRL alloy levers
  • Rotors: TRP Spyre-C (160 mm rotors)


  • Headset: Cane Creek 40
  • Stem: Salsa Guide
  • Handlebar: Salsa Cowchipper
  • Grips / Bar Tape: Salsa Gel Cork Bar Tape
  • Seatpost: Salsa Guide
  • Saddle: WTB Volt Steel Medium
  • Seatclamp: Kona Clamp
  • Front Rack: Salsa Down Under Rack
  • Rear Rack: Salsa Alternator 135 Low-Deck Rack


  • Front Wheel: Shimano M475 100 mm QR hub, WTB ST i19 TCS 2.0 36h rim
  • Rear Wheel: Shimano M475 135 mm QR hub, WTB ST i19 TCS 2.0 36h rim
  • Tires: Teravail Rampart 700c x 42 mm, Durable, Tubeless-Ready

Frame Construction

The Salsa Marrakesh Alivio features a Triple Butted CroMoly frame designed for durability and long-haul comfort. The frame accommodates a maximum wheel and tire size of 700 x 40mm with fenders, and 700 x 50.8mm without. The rigid fork has a length of 415mm and an offset of 55mm. The bike uses a ZS44 upper headset and an EC44 lower headset, with a 27.2mm seatpost and a 30.0mm seat collar. The front derailleur is a bottom pull type with a band clamp mount of Ø31.8mm. The bottom bracket is a 68mm BSA, threaded, and the crankset is a mountain touring triple with 48/38/26t gearing. The rear brake rotor mount is a 51mm I.S. mount, compatible with 160–180mm rotors, and the rear spacing is 135 x 10mm QR. The derailleur hanger options include QR and L Rohloff types. The bike also features a Ø28.6mm stem clamp, and a Ø30mm crown race. The front brake rotor also uses a 51mm standard mount, and the front spacing is 100 x 9mm QR.


Marrakesh Alivio frame

Size 50cm 52cm 54cm 55cm 57cm 59.5cm
A. Effective Top Tube 500 520 540 550 570 595
B. Stand Over 704.2 735.6 761.2 791 817.4 843.5
C. Reach 360.5 366.4 373.1 373.4 380.5 392
D. Stack 539.5 553.9 563.3 577.5 601.1 624.7
E. Total Seat Tube Length 440 480 520 560 590 620
F. Headtube Length 90 100 110 125 150 175
G. Headtube Angle 69.5 70.75 70.75 70.75 70.75 70.75
H. Seat Tube Angle 75.5 74.5 73.5 73 72.5 72
I. BB Drop 77 77 77 77 77 77
K. Chainstay Length 455–472 455–472 455–472 455–472 455–472 455–472
L. Fork Length Axle to Crown 415 415 415 415 415 415
M. Fork Offset 55 55 55 55 55 55
N. Wheelbase 1040.6–1057.6 1039.6–1056.6 1049.7–1066.7 1054.9–1071.9 1070.2–1087.2 1090.0–1107.0
Crank Arm Length 165 170 170 175 175 175
Handlebar Width 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm 48cm
Recommended Rider Height 147–158cm 158–165cm 165–173cm 170–178cm 175–185cm 185–UP
Stem Length 60 60 70 80 80 80



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