Connecting with the great outdoors is essential to our humanity.  We are cyclists who love the outdoors and are building a business to support others to do the same.

Our mission is to empower all Tucson cyclists and communities by making cycling and bikepacking more accessible. We do this through our Tucson bike shop which specializes in bikepack outfitting. Our ecommerce business serves to share what we do beyond Tucson and allows for more stability and sustainability in our niche focused bike shop.

We provide the specialty gear, knowledge and inspiration to thrive on your next adventure. There are so many ways to get your bikepacking groove on these days. We’re here to help you make choices amongst all the options.

We believe in the power of our collective bikepacking community.  We see a common kinship among all bicycle travelers.  Whether you are traveling on pavement, gravel roads or trails, traveling by bike is an experience with common threads.  We seek to provide a venue to share these experiences and collectively improve our capabilities as bicycle travelers.

Founder – Josh Lipton @joshua.lipton

In 2001, Josh begin his career as a bicycle entrepreneur with the development of the CELLO bicycle case, a system for converting a BOB Trailer into a bicycle shipping case.  This project evolved into BikeTrailerShop.com in 2006 which was an instant hit and lead to BikeBagShop.com and BikeKidShop.com.  In 2013 Josh moved this thriving business to Tucson.

In 2017 an outdated ecommerce platform had lead to an inability to adapt to the changing ecommerce and bicycle markets.  Over the course of 2018 and 2019 Josh worked to correct this by pivoting the business into Campfire Cycling.

Josh grew up in Flagstaff, AZ getting into cycling at an early age, racing mountain bikes.  Cycling has been a big part of his life ever since, driving ideas for business and bicycle advocacy.  Now with two young kids, Josh doesn’t get out on as many bicycling adventures as he’d like.  That said, Josh recently managed to get his whole family out on our first bicycle camping adventure.

Bike Shop Manager- Toby Smith @mr.beniciajosmith

Toby is an alchemist of bike love, a wizard of cycling culture and a prophet of adventuring by bicycle. We’re so stoked to have him plying his trade managing our bike shop, building up new bicycles, servicing old ones and fine tuning our showroom in anticipation of the return of cool weather and a functional Toole street in front of our building.

Toby has been living the bike shop life since 2004, getting started at the Sports Basement in San Fransisco before relocating to Ventura. In 2010, Toby co-founded the Ventura Bike Hub an amazing community bike shop. Toby helped build this organization into a thriving and integral part of Ventura’s cycling community and it was a tough and sad parting of ways for him and his partner Benicia to move on to Tucson. But it is also a testament of what they built that they can move along and pass their leadership on to the next generation of HUB leaders.

Beyond bicycle wrenching and riding, Toby’s interests include surfing, restoring old cars and traveling with his family.

Graphic Designer – Ian Crombie @dirtwolfian

Ian got involved with CampfireCycling.com in its formative stages, playing a huge part in bringing the vision together with his masterful graphic design work.  Collaborating with Ian on designing the visual elements of CampfireCycling.com has been a joyous experience which I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for professional graphic design work, especially for outdoor focused businesses.

What really made Ian a perfect fit for designing the Campfire Cycling visuals was his love of the outdoors and bicycle camping.  Ian is an avid adventurer having negotiated many impressive thru-hikes and now getting into bicycle touring in a big way.

WooCommerce Developer – Chad Bush @chadmbush

Chad helped Josh move BikeShopHub.com out of a dying platform into WooCommerce.  And then when we were ready for the full rebrand Chad took Ian’s designs and brought them to life on CampfireCycling.com.  If you’re looking for professional WordPress Development, I’d highly recommend talking to Chad.

When Chad’s not wrangling with WordPress sites, he loves to travel, takes photos and enjoys getting out for a ride on Tucson’s Loop bike path on his Surly Midnight Special.