Hi, I’m Josh Lipton and I’m the founder of CampfireCycling.com.  Founded on April 29th, 2019 in Tucson, Arizona, CampfireCycling.com evolved out of my previous business BikeShopHub.com.

The 16 year journey of running BikeShopHub.com, an ecommerce shop focused on bicycle accessories, has been an exciting ride to say the least.  In choosing to rebrand to CampfireCycling.com I’ve tried my darnedest to bring the best of what I’ve learned over the years together into an inspiring new vision.

I’ve attempted to find the balance between following my passion and making the most of the skills I’ve developed over the years.  By following my love for cycling and the outdoors, I knew that I could stay focused through the ups and downs of running a small business.  And by leveraging my skills honed over the years of running BikeShopHub.com, I knew I’d have some solid footing from which to grow.

This time around, we’re focusing on communities of cyclists rather than on optimizing around product niches.  We’re excited to be digging in and getting to know  many of the great folks connected to bicycle camping.

CampfireCycling.com was born to be the ultimate supply house for bicycle campers of all stripes.  As we build our community, I’ll be listening in closely to what will truly help bicycle campers thrive.  As we get going, I’m focusing on building from my foundation of an ecommerce business model.  That said, we’re expanding into a great retail experience to build the bridge to the community of bicycle campers.

Founder – Josh Lipton

Yep, I’m the dude behind this organization doing everything from dreaming up the new directions to getting my hands dirty in every way possible.  I grew up in Flagstaff getting into cycling at an early age, racing mountain bikes.  Cycling has been a big part of my life ever since, driving ideas for business and bicycle advocacy.  Now with two young kids, I don’t get out on as many bicycling adventures as I like.  That said, I’ve just managed to get my whole family out on our first bicycle camping adventure.  I plan to follow this with many more adventures to come.  Call me the Tykepacker.

I’m also an avid mountain biker and attempt to get out on a ride with friends at least once a week.  I’ve recently become inspired by the AZT race, a 300 or 750 mile race across Arizona.  Not sure if I’m going to ever do this race but I’m definitely intrigued.

General Manager – Greg Poettgen

Greg manages the day-to-day of Campfire Cycling.  From keeping the repair center running smoothly to managing our order fulfillment operations, Greg keeps the wheels turning.  Greg’s background is in engineering, however in recent years Greg has worked as a bicycle mechanic.  Additionally, Greg has organized and run several ultra-endurance running races as well as manufacturing a line of custom bike bags under Yellow Cat Industries.  Greg is an avid bikepacker and ultra-endurance runner.

Graphic Designer – Ian Crombie

Ian got involved with CampfireCycling.com in its formative stages, playing a huge part in bringing the vision together with his masterful graphic design work.  Collaborating with Ian on designing the visual elements of CampfireCycling.com has been a joyous experience which I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for professional graphic design work, especially for outdoor focused businesses.

What really made Ian a perfect fit for designing the Campfire Cycling visuals was his love of the outdoors and bicycle camping.  Ian is an avid adventurer having negotiated many impressive thru-hikes and now getting into bicycle touring in a big way.

WooCommerce Developer – Chad Bush

Chad helped me move BikeShopHub.com out of a dying platform into WooCommerce.  And then when we were ready for the full rebrand Chad took Ian’s designs and brought them to life on CampfireCycling.com.  If you’re looking for professional WordPress Development, I’d highly recommend talking to Chad.

When Chads not wrangling with WordPress sites, he loves to travel, take photos and enjoys getting out for a ride Tucson’s Loop bike path on his Surly Midnight Special.

Facilities Manager – Kurt Meyers

Kurt’s official role at CampfireCycling.com is helping troubleshooting maintenance issues with the building.  But he does so much more than that.  First of all he is my beloved step-Father who played a big role in raising me, teaching me about the outdoors and cycling.  But as far as CampfireCycling.com is concerned, he has been using his fine woodworking background to build out the extensive displays in our bicycle camping showroom.

Kurt is an avid outdoorsmen as well as a pilot and a weatherman.  Kurt piloted river boats down the Grand Canyon.  He also explored many hiking routes throughout the Grand Canyon.  A long time cyclist, these days he enjoys getting out for ride on the Tucson’s Loop bike path.

Support Staff – Melanie Lipton

Every successful entrepreneur needs a support network.  And I couldn’t do what I do without the amazing support of my lovely wife, Melanie.  Not only does she keep our family sane while I push the business forward, she is a tireless sounding board and an enthusiastic product tester.  She is a big fan of her new Surly Bridge Club for use on our family cycling adventures.