Panaracer Tires

With tire manufacturers conjuring up new tires every season, these are the best of times because of the variety and the worst of times since your head will spin when choosing between 10 kinds of gravel tires for your bikepacking trip. Through constantly researching compounds, an emphasis on cutting-edge CAD tread and profile development, Panaracer has helped advance bike tire technology in leaps thereby offering bikepackers a wide variety of potential tires to fit onto their wheels.

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If we are considering pedigree and history then not many companies have been churning out bicycle tires as long as Panaracer has, which was formed in 1952, as the National Tire Corporation. The Japanese manufacturer has been in the tire manufacturing business for over 70 years and has since established itself as a mainstay in the Asian and global cycling scenes.Panaracer offers a variety of bike tires to suit all cycling needs within the following categories: Commuter and City tires to handle urban environments, Road tires for your road bike, Plus and fat tires for wide clearance mountain/fat bikes, and Cyclocross/Gravel tires built and labeled for a specific purpose and terrain in mind. Panaracer prides itself in conforming to a tradition of fine Japanese craftsmanship in their tire manufacturing process and the proof has been in their pudding: they’ve left their mark in the MTB world with models such as the Smoke and the Dart and have stormed into the gravel scene to bring us critically acclaimed tires such as the Comet and their best-selling Gravelking line of tires which have been lauded as the standard all modern gravel tires should aspire to.