Swift Industries

We take pride in our humble beginnings and, get excited to work with companies that, like us, embody the age-old saying: “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. When the opportunity to work with Swift Industries came up, we were stoked to stock our warehouse shelves with their wonderfully customizable, handmade bikepacking bags.

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One of the things we love about Swift bags is that they are made from start to finish by an inhouse seamstresses, a practice that is nearly extinct in modern manufacturing. What you end up with in your hands is a one of one product that has been tailored from the very first snip to the very last bolt just for you.

“Northwest by Nature”, Swift Industries is based out of Seattle, Washington having been started in 2008 out of the basements of Martinna Brimmer and Jason Goodman. Since then, Swift has grown to become a major and beloved brand in the niche world of US-made bikepacking gear.

If you need any more reason to make your next adventure bag a Swift, here is a snippet of the words they live by:

“Trust that you’re capable of going the distance

Let the experience fuel your creativity

Have a plan, and plan not to stick with it

Enjoy your encounters with the people you meet along the way

Move steadily and with purpose

Heighten your sense of place

Find inspiration in the little things

Get lost every once in awhile

Be aware of the impact that you make”