We’re stoked to bring Otso Cycle’s innovative bikes to our customers. Known for their mythical inspirations and robust designs, Otso is the brand behind Wolftooth Components. We have had our eyes on Otso for a while, and thanks to our shared values and collaborations with their brand ambassador Sarah Swallow, adding Otso to our lineup felt as natural as a bear around a campfire.

Otso’s unique naming convention reflects not only a deep appreciation for history and myth but also their bikes’ rugged bikepacking capabilities. With designs inspired by mythical creatures, every Otso bike is ready to help you write a bikepacking story. Ride into the lore with models like the Waheela and Arctodus, named after mythical beasts that roamed the wilds of legend.

One of the coolest things about Otso? The Tuning Chip. This little piece of tech wizardry lets you tweak the chainstay length to change up the bike’s feel. Want it nimble? Set it to 430mm. Prefer it a bit more laid-back? Push it to 450mm. There’s even a middle option at 440mm for that just-right feel, not to mention additional inserts for the singlespeed or gear hub lovers. It’s like having several bikes in one! Also, each Otso frame features adjustable geometry that adapts to the rider and journey ensuring your bike is perfectly tuned.

And, here is the why and what behind that rad Otso logo: 


Otso is the spirit of the bear in Finnish mythology, the most important, revered, and respected animal of all. Otso is the noble king of the forest and a symbol of strength and courage. The bear spirit is also a relative, an ethereal forest cousin or brother. He can be seen in the freezing snow and blowing leaves or the bright sunshine and moonlit skies of the wilderness. On forest trails, gravel roads, or city streets, an Otso bike will inspire you to achieve your best in whatever way you ride.