Ortlieb Repairs

Unfortunately, Ortlieb had to discontinue their Ortlieb branded repair kit. The adhesive was too flammable for export. The kit they had branded is produced by Rema Tip Top under the name “Camplast”. It is unfortunately not imported to the US because of the same logistical issues.

The Ortlieb factory has tested and approved two separate repair tapes. The Tenacious Tape product from Gear Aid. And a similar product from Tear Aid.  Both of these repair tapes should be applied to the inner surface of the bags fabric.

If a product is made from PVC fabric than a solvent based PVC repair kit will also work. Here is an example of one that is marketed for inflatable PVC boat repair.

Ortlieb USA also offers in house repair. Their repair team uses heat and pressure to mate like fabric to the inside of a product. This service typically bills at $25 per hour plus the return freight.  NOTE: This is a technical repair as opposed to a cosmetic repair, some scarring may show after the product is repaired.