Teravail Coronado


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Our inspiring overview is coming soon. For now, here is what Teravail has to say:

The Coronado tire combines the best of multiple worlds. Increased ground clearance, stability and momentum, plus a larger footprint for the floatation that wide tires provide. A mild and open center tread works with the slightly more aggressive side knobs to offer traction and efficiency in varied terrain.


Our in-depth features analysis are forthcoming. For now, here is how Teravail puts it:

  • Tubeless ready for flat prevention, lower-pressure traction and comfort
  • Ideal rim width is 23mm
  • Light & Supple casing provides a comfortable ride
  • Durable casing protects against abrasion, sharp rocks and gravel


Our clear and concise specs will be ready soon. For now, here is how Teravail puts it:

  • Tire Type: Tubeless Bead
  • Wheel Size x Tire Width:
    • 27.5″ x 3.0″
      • Weight: (Supple) 970 g / 2.1 lbs – (Durable) 1075 g / 2.4 lbs
      • Recommended Pressure: 25-40 psi
      • Rim Diameter: 584 / 650b / 27.5″
      • Ideal Rim Width: 45
      • TPI: 60
    • 29″ x 2.8″
      • Weight: (Supple) 1090 g / 2.3 lbs – (Durable) 1175 g / 2.5 lbs
      • Recommended Pressure: 20-40 psi
      • Rim Diameter: 622 / 700c / 29″
      • Ideal Rim Width: 35
      • TPI: 60


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