Bike Share APP

Bike Share: There's an App For That

As bike share programs continue to pop up around the world, so does more technology aimed at tracking and exploring these programs. But, given that the definition of bike share seems to vary by person and by region, as well as the fact that these programs are both publicly and privately owned (or somewhere in between), tracking bike share is far from standardized.

Little Red Riding Hood's Grand Canyon Brompton Ride

On our trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend, we decided that rather than catching the bus to the start of the Kaibab trail, we’d park and ride the 1 mile rim ride to the trailhead. Folding bikes available in the back of the trunk are excellent for unplanned conveniences and adventures such as this.

Grand Canyon Weekend on Folding Bikes

My wife and I decided to take a quick weekend getaway to the Grand Canyon. We tossed the Brompton and Bike Friday folding bikes into the trunk of our Corolla thinking we might do a little riding. These bikes turned out to be perfect tools for tooling around the South Rim.

Interview: Jeremy SyCip of SyCip Bikes – NAHBS 2011

Jeremy Sycip, of SyCip Bikes, is a well recognized name in the custom frame building world and has been making user-friendly, reliable, eye-catching bikes since 1992. Josh interviewed Sycip at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Austin. When I see people on the bikes, when I see them on the trails, and they…

Not the Troll

This ugly Troll Doll has been being passed around the office showing up on people’s desks and other spots. Today seemed like an appropriate day to pass it off to the interwebs.

Auto Passengers to be Required to Wear Helmets

UPDATE: If you are discovering this article after April Fools Day 2011, don’t, y’know, freak out or anything. April 1, 2011, 7:40AM ET The Federal Highway Administration will require that all states either implement helmet laws for drivers and passengers in passenger cars or lose Federal funding for highways. States will have until 2018 to…

Bicycle Signage: Signs, Markings & Signals

Bicycle signage is implemented to guide cyclists and to improve roadway safety for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. There are three general categories of signage, including posted signs, roadway markings and electronic signals, and within these categories, there are numerous variations.Signs for cyclists are typically wayfinding signs placed at intersections where bikeways or bike routes are…