The Suave and Sexy Josh Lipton on Outspoken Cyclist

My online ego has been battered by the posting of the least flattering image of myself that I can imagine. Our blog editor, Ted Johnson, decided to use an image from a recent electric bike photo shoot for a Commute By Bike post about my interview with Diane Lees of Outspoken CyclistAlong with this ridiculous image of me, which could not be any more embarrassing unless there was some sort of pee stain darkening my pants, my ego was bruised by a blogging cyclist from the Philippines indiscriminately categorizing my interviewing style as goofy.I’ve decided to litter this post with my favorite photos of myself looking good as my online rebuttal to my self-image crisis. In the Outspoken Cyclist interview, Diane kindly gives me the opportunity to go on and on about my work in the cycling industry and explain our network of specialty cycling webstores and blogs.Go listen to the interview (starts at minute 42) …… suave or goofy?

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