Steve Benning, Bike to Work e-Bike Guinea Pig

Steve BenningSteve Benning is a personality with a local Rock radio station. He dropped by yesterday to talk about promoting next month’s Bike to Work Week.

Steve is a big guy. He does not commute by bike. But while we were talking to him, we got an idea. Offer lend him a top-of-the line Ohm XS 750 e-Bike and see if he’d take to it.

He took the bait. Sucker!

We shot a quick video to kick off his month as an experimental bike commuter.

I used do a lot of biking as a child. I outgrew it, for lack of a better word.
Half of Flagstaff is pretty much uphill… It’s more discouraging for somebody like me, going up and down the hills. And, you know, with gas encroaching four dollars a gallon, I’m really looking forward to saving some cash and giving it a try. And I’m pretty much going to do it every day.

I called him this morning and he said day one went great, and the bike is generating a lot of interest around the station.

We’ll check in with Steve from time to time over the next month and find out how the experience is going for him.

Update: See Steve after one week of Bike Commuting >>

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