e-Bike Commuter Guinea Pig After One Week

Steve Benning comes close to being the perfect Guinea Pig for a new bike commuter. (Sigh… If only he had high-maintenance hair.)

Steve Benning

After one full week as a bike commuter, using an Ohm XS 750 e-Bike, he says he’s hooked.

For any pedal-power purists out there, I think it would be hard to argue against his enthusiasm for bike commuting at this point in the experiment. If you curmudgeons are reading this, I’d like to know what you have to say.

If anything, he might be too enthusiastic. My goal is to get inside the head of a reluctant bike commuter, and find the tipping points. (Maybe we overshot the tipping point by lending him the nicest e-bike in the fleet.)

Even a flat tire the first week didn’t dampen Steve’s spirits.

I never would have guessed me turning into a bike commuter. I’ll be the first to say it. I have not taken my car to the store or to work and back since I’ve had the bike.

BTW: The pannier on the bike is the Racktime Workit Commuter Pannier reviewed recently by Josh.

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