Josh Lipton on The Outspoken Cyclist

The gentleman below is my boss, Josh Lipton.

Josh lords over a Web empire that includes Commute by Bike, and he was recently interviewed by Diane Lees on The Outspoken Cyclist.

We came up with an idea to blog about bicycles from the perspective a bicycle that’s as easy to use, or offers as many of the conveniences of a car as possible… You wake up in the morning and you walk out to your bike, and consider is it just too difficult to get on my bike today. Is it just easier to get in my car? Do I have too much stuff to take? Do I not know where I left my bike lock? Are my brakes not working? Just trying to look at bike from the perspective of it’s got all those things solved as much of the time as possible. I know there’s a lot of bike companies that are working in that direction, so one of our goals is to review bikes and say how close do they come to this ideal.

Josh Lipton
Our Glorious Leader testing an Ohm XS 750 E-Bike

Listen to the entire episode here:

The interview with Josh begins at about the 00:42:30 mark:

Prior to the interview with Josh, Diane interviews three other business owners who attended the National Bike Summit this year.

And at the 00:35:50 mark, Diane discusses P.J. O’Rourke’s recent anti-cycling piece in the Wall Street Journal, and she quotes from my response to O’Rourke–which made me feel so special.

I met Diane Lees last month in Washington DC, and when I wasn’t busy breaking demo bikes, I got her to do one of these short videos:

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