Tubus Racks for Road Bikes w/Disc Brakes

I am looking to get a Tubus rack, specifically the carry model, and am looking for information on its compatibility with road/cx bikes with rack mounts on the frame, but with disc brakes. Is there clearance to mount these using the frame mounts, or do you need the QR mounting kit? Is there any difference in stability when loaded using these two mounting options? Should I be considering keeping cantis on the back?

Generally, this Tubus Rack will not work with most bikes with disc brakes. However if the bike has lower and upper mounting eyelets, it sounds like they may have set it up to work with bike racks. Generally, if this is the case, the disc brake caliper is positioned between the seat stay and chain stay (see photo below) rather than above the chain stay.

If your disc brake is positioned above the seat stay, the only Tubus Rack I would recommend is the Tubus Disco. This rack swoops back around the disc brake caliper. As far as other racks that work with disc brakes, have a look at Old Man Mountain’s rear racks.

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I have a swobo baxter commuter bike. My rack has fallen apart (after being hit by a car!) and I need a new one. I am also in the market for a pannier for my macbook pro and other office stuff/bike tools.
My bike has shimano disc brakes.

The Tubus Logo most likely will not work with your bike. It looks like the rack would conflict with the brake caliper. Please take a look at the previous response for some details.

You can get an Old Man Mountain rear rack to work with your bike by using the OMM Rear Fit Kit for Solid Axle. This setup would not be convenient if you had to remove the wheel. Some people have had luck mounting Old Man Mountain racks to the eyelets on their bike. It might be tricky to do with the sliding dropout, but I don’t think it would be impossible to do. Here is a link to a forum post that touches on mounting these rack to eyelets.

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I own a Jamis Coda Elite approx. year 2008 Black/gray with avid disc brakes. I am looking to install a Tubus bike rack. which model and accessories would you suggest.

Tubus racks generally do not work well on bikes with disc brakes. Most of the time they have issues clearing the caliper. I would suggest looking at the Tubus Vega (not the Evo version), the Tubus Cosmo, or the Tubus Logo Titanium racks. These are still compatible with the Tubus QR Adapter. This is not a guaranteed solution but this adapter places the rack a little farther back and may allow the rack to clear the caliper.


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