Best Cargo Trailer for Beach Gear?

I was wondering which bike trailer would be the best one for transporting beach chairs and a cooler to the beach. It will be going over paved roads and parked near the beach, so it does not need to be sand-capable. Any suggestions?

Beach hauling duties are quite a popular use for bike trailers. We get asked this question on a regular basis and have a few top recommendations. Basically, flat bed trailers such as the Burley Flatbed or the Wandertec BONGO do very well as you can pile your beach gear high and strap it down. Other two-wheelers like the Burley Nomad or Croozer Cargo can generally do well if you leave the tops of.

Have a look at this Wandertec BONGO set up for Beach Cruising that we recently posted at the bike trailer section of our blog.

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I am looking for a lightweight bike trailer that has short sides to hold beach chairs, umbrellas, small cooler, etc. It will not be holding a child or dog! Can you suggest a style or brand?

This is quite a popular use for bike cargo trailers and we can certainly offer some suggestions. As I mentioned previously, generally for beach use, a flatbed style trailer like the Wandertec BONGO or the Burley Flatbed work well. Another direction to consider is the Croozer Cargo.

One factor to consider is whether you plan on riding out onto the beach or if you plan on pulling the trailer by hand onto the sand. If the sand is firm you might be able to ride all the way out. If you are walking the trailer, the Croozer Cargo and the Wandertec BONGO both have hitch arms that can be repositioned for easier pushing by hand.

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