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Ted Modeling the Wearable BackTpack Panniers

We got in a pair of this interesting hybrid of panniers and a backpack called aBackTpack. As Ted was proudly showing off this amazing piece of innovation our entire staff worked hard on mocking him incessantly. Was this a man purse for construction workers and was its use just nerdy or ultra nerdy. With them…

How to Blow $20 in Boulder

How to Blow $20 in Boulder

I managed to forge a cycling purpose into a non-cycling vacation in August, 2011, using the brute force of a big-ass 1996 GMC camper van. Here are the posts: Vapid Transit, Snap Judgements, How to Blow $20 in Boulder, Public Art You Can't See from a Car, and How does your town say "˜No Bicycles?'…

Twin Bees Buzzing Around

A customer from Japan sent in this great photo of his twins in their new Burley Bee. The Yellow Gary Fisher with yellow parts looks great with the Bee. The Burley Bee is a great value at only $249.

Hi Tech or Low Tech?

The opposite sides of the bicycle technology spectrum collided the other day in my camera frame. While our Inventory Manager, Matt Irvine, had his new fixed gear Surly Steamroller rolled out for his ride home, I had rolled the A2B Metro out from the display ride to power me along the way.We both laughed seeing…

‘Eligible’ Not Always a Synonym for ‘Desirable’

'Eligible' Not Always a Synonym for 'Desirable'

Just in case you have not been getting an ample supply of economic news from other major media outlets, the League of American Bicyclists and America Bikes have released a report explaining why shifting funding within the transportation bill from “dedicated” to “eligible” for bike and pedestrian projects would be disastrous, not only for cyclists…

Michael DeVisser of Ohm Stops By

Michael DeVisser, one of the key people behind Ohm cycles stopped by a few weeks ago. Michael was mainly in town to visit Motor Excellence, our homegrown electric motor company, where he was spending time looking at their new motor systems and hanging out with Pete Prebus of both Motor Excellence and Electic Bike Report….

Dismount Zone

Vapid Transit

I managed to forge a cycling purpose into a non-cycling vacation in August, 2011, using the brute force of a big-ass 1996 GMC camper van. Here are the posts: Vapid  Transit, Snap  Judgements, How  to  Blow  $20  in  Boulder, Public  Art  You  Can't  See  from  a  Car, and How  does  your  town  say  "˜No Bicycles?' This is not a biking vacation. My wife and I are driving a big-ass 1996 GMC van borrowed from…

The Future of Fixies

The Future of Fixies

I rode a fixed-gear bike for the first time the other day (after Matt’s photo shoot). I went about 50 yards and it did not weird me out as expected. And there you have my review of fixies. From now on, I can talk about them from experience; with expertise, no less. Yesterday I saw…

South San Francisco Street

Campfire Cycling is up three blocks and to the right from this spot on South San Francisco Street in downtown Flagstaff. Notice Mount Elden on the upper right which is still topless from a burn that set it ablaze about 25 years ago.

Military Bicycles

We have covered a wide range of Emergency and Patrol Services by Bike here at Utility Cycling, but it recently became apparent that we were missing one major component of this topic: military bicycles. The use of bicycles by military groups has been around for nearly as long as the bicycle. Bicycles provide an effective…