A Little Respect for Kristen the Bike Thief Thwarter

This video is getting a fair amount of play on the Internet.

You may have already seen it.

A thief, caught on a security camera, begins to take off with a bike. Someone, identified as Kristen, runs out and thwarts the thief.

WCG LetterKristen is the employee of a communications company that knows the value of social media. The company has offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Austin, and London–not to mention a slick Website. They appear to encourage and accommodate bike commuters.

A male co-worker (or maybe a boss) of Kristen saw an opportunity and sent me a message hoping that I would share this video with our readers. The message is reproduced on the right.

I don’t want to embarrass this guy, so I’m going to call him George.

George: Kristen knocked over a bike thief. She can probably kick your butt. So before I oblige your request to further promulgate this video, let me say…

Kristen is a woman, not a girl, you knucklehead!

Sheesh! What decade is this? But thanks, George, for the tip.

Remember that heroes walk among us. They work among us. One sits in a cube not far from you.

BTW: Just in case Kristen doesn’t have a superhero uniform, I’ll be sending her a Commute by Bike t-shirt.

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