Mapping Bicycle

A few months ago, I posted about a bike mapping project I did with some classmates of the University of Arizona campus. We used a CatEye Inou, Google Maps, and our own cameras to develop the UA Campus Bicycle Geovisualization, which shows bicycle routes and infrastructure around campus to help improve decision-making about what routes to take by bicycle.However, it’s too bad we didn’t have access to FridaV – A Mapping Bicycle. In short:

The FRIDA V. (Free Ride Data Acquisition Vehicle) combines a normal bicycle with a tactical mapping toolkit that includes a compact computer, GPS receiver, wireless 802.11 transceiver, and an audiovisual recording unit. This makes the bike a perfect human-powered war driving vehicle and real-time mapping system. (From MAKE)

MAKE posted this cool video of the FridaV design process a few months ago, and I thought it would appeal to the techier utility cycling enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy!Making of Frida V. for Futur en Seine Festival of the Digital City in Paris from Frida V. on Vimeo

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