Michael DeVisser of Ohm Stops By

Michael DeVisser, one of the key people behind Ohm cycles stopped by a few weeks ago. Michael was mainly in town to visit Motor Excellence, our homegrown electric motor company, where he was spending time looking at their new motor systems and hanging out with Pete Prebus of both Motor Excellence and Electic Bike Report. It was also a good opportunity for Michael to check in on us to see how we were doing with the Ohms and electric bikes in general.Michael helped us tune up a few parts on the Ohm that we were are currently review in the JOYBAG project at commutebybike.com. We had to reinstall the battery cap which required dismantling the battery. We also had to route the wiring for the regenerative braking system. As we dive deeper into getting to know electric bikes, it’s been great getting to know folks like Michael and learning from them all the ins and outs of the cutting edge equipment that they are working hard to make widely available.

Michael Seating The Battery
Looking at the Ohm Battery Internals

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