Our New Location!

We just signed a lease at a new downtown Tucson location! We’re moving to 15 E. Toole on the NE corner of Stone and Toole.

Tuesday, March 23rd we’ll be open at 15 E. Toole.

Our last day at the old location (2801 Flowing Wells) will be Friday, March 19th.

Temporary hours – March 4th to April 5th

Tuesday thru Friday, 12pm to 5pm

New hours beginning Tuesday, April 6th

Tuesday thru Saturday, 12pm to 5pm, 10am to 12pm by appointment

The story of why we’re moving, Campfire Cycling 2.0.

When we launched the Campfire bike shop, 4 months before the start of Covid, the plan was to run events to bring awareness to our out of the way location. But without being able to run events, being in our off-the-beaten path location has not served the business well. Fortunately, with all of the interest in cycling during Covid, plenty of you all have still been making the trek to find us. And our ecommerce business has been going well helping to keep us afloat.

But without being able to run events and not knowing when we could. We began considering new locations. Running a bike shop in an out-of-the-way warehouse has had other challenges. We didn’t have good climate control, so its hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Its dusty and our warehousing neighbors are noisy with their trucks and forklifts.

We did learn a lot with our first year and a half running things here, including that we needed a better location. We’re very excited for all the new energy that the new space will bring. Its feels like a real bike space and it’ll be a great place to build the Campfire Cycling community. And we’re very excited to be going downtown and engaging with the community of businesses there.

Our New Neighborhood

We have plenty to learn about as we settle in our new space and get to know the downtown community.

We’re in a 100 year old historic warehouse across the street from the Pima County building. Our neighbors include Kinetic Arts and Solar Culture. Down the block is Borderlands and Playformance meanwhile some new restaurants are under development just east of us. The area is part of the Tucson Warehouse Arts District.

We will be finding ourselves just south of the controversial Downtown Links project. In preparation for the project multiple arts warehouses, north of Toole and the train tracks, have been vacated or demolished. Businesses right next to the project, such has Exo Coffee are feeling the impact of its proximity. We’ll be watching how things develop, hoping to see that the project stays on course with its commitments to integrating public spaces, bike lanes, multi-use paths and related infrastructure.

Plus we’re hiring!

Amidst all of the chaos of moving we’re also hiring.

Have a look at our bike shop manager and part-time shipper positions.

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