Vaccine Prioritization for Tucson Bike Shop Employees

Until the process becomes more clear, I thought it would be helpful to post up this info as a reference for other Tucson Bike Shops.

This is the Pima County COVID-19 Vaccination info portal.

And here is the tentative 1B plan. While I have not had this confirmed, I’m thinking that bike shop employees are classified under Phase 1B.2.a under the group: Transportation and material moving occupations (public transportation providers, airlines, gas stations, auto shop workers, and other transportation network providers)

Here is a form for Arizona employers to register their organizations for the vaccine. I’ve signed up Campfire Cycling and I recommend other bike shops get signed up in case it helps open up the vaccine option for their employees.

Update Jan. 14th: Pima County just put out a registration form for Phase 1B.1. From the looks of it, it will be a simple process to fill out the screening form, choose an appointment and bring proof of employment. Hopefully they’ll set it up for 1B.2 soon and they’ll be accepting in bike shop employees.

We’ll be keeping this post updated as we learn more. If you have any info or corrections please let us know.

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