Swift Front-Packs (Core)

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Swift Bandito Bicycle Bag

At home at your bicycle handlebars and under the bicycle saddle, our Bandito Bicycle Bag adds just over 3 liters of packing capacity to your ride. The bag’s handsome cylinder shape is a classic accessory with timeless utility.

Swift Catalyst Pack

As any rider of smaller stature will tell you, when it comes to bike bags, there’s a fine line between, “big enough to haul my adventure gear and too big for my small frame.” Where our classic Zeitgeist Pack was often too wide and deep for smaller frames, it’s kid-sibling, the Catalyst Pack, strikes the perfect balance. With an unmistakable design nod to its predecessor, the Catalyst retains the same functional features and the clean aesthetics, but in a slimmed-down silhouette that works well on smaller bicycles. The design inspiration for the Catalyst was answering the specific needs of smaller riders, and the end result is a beautifully functional mid-capacity bag that can work for everyone!

Swift Zeitgeist Pack

The Zeitgeist Pack is a bonafide bicycle handlebar and saddle bag. Our design puts 12L of carrying capacity right at the helm of your bicycle, features two clever side-pockets and is designed for best-in-class handling. The Zeitgeist Pack is an excellent choice for gravel adventures, touring, bikepacking, and everyday bicycle commuting.

Swift Sugarloaf Basket Bag

Stylish, easy going, and purposeful to the very last seam, the Sugarloaf Basket Bag carries as gracefully off-bike as on. With comfortable handles and shoulder strap attachment points, this bag is an ideal travel companion, wherever you choose to take it.

Swift Motherloaf Basket Bag

The Motherloaf Basket Bag is Swift’s large-capacity front bag designed to integrate seamlessly and securely with the Wald 139 bicycle basket. With a whopping 30 liters capacity, the Motherloaf takes your basket-packing capabilities to a whole ‘nother level! Plenty of space for a laptop, packed lunch and layers, makes this bag our top pick for the daily bicycle-commute.

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What you will love about Swift Front-Packs is their versatility. Unlike most bags, these Front-Packs have multiple attachment points, allowing them to also be used as a saddlebag. They come with an attachment strap for saddles with haul loops.

Your Swift Front-Pack choice begins by deciding whether you want a small-capacity Front-Pack with a zipper opening or a lunchbox-style Front-Pack with a flap closure and then narrowing down to the volume that works best for you, before determining which options will best fit your handlebar width.