Revelate Handlebar-Packs (Add-on)

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Revelate Designs Sweet Roll

The Sweet Roll™ is a versatile handlebar bag that can be customized as needed and can carry up to 14L. Make it as big or little as you need. You can even add pockets if you want.

Revelate Designs Egress

The Egress Pocket is a waterproof, seam-welded roll top handlebar bag. It integrates with the Sweetroll and Harness, or can be used standalone on the handlebars with the included strap kit. The side profile of the Egress™ is curved slightly to contour around the main drybag so the bags nest well when the straps are tightened.

Revelate Designs Harness

The Revelate Designs The Harness Handlebar Strapping System is a semi-rigid mount designed to carry drybags, packrafts, stuff sacks and other cylindrical shaped objects. Think of it as a “soft rack” for your handlebar, the harness has built in straps that excel at carrying light, bulky loads. Integrate it with any of our front pockets for a highly versatile carrying system.

Revelate Designs Saltyroll

The Saltyroll is a dry bag that opens on both ends. But, it's really more than that. The sewn daisy chain is convenient for strapping onto existing vertical or horizontal lashing points or using straps to fasten in places like above your handlebars. The strapping also lines up with the Revelate Designs "soft" Harness system.

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Revelate was one of the earliest Companies to introduce innovative and lightweight handlebar bags to the masses, cranking out high volume bags for long-distance, multi-day bikepacking trips since 2007. Their Handlebar-Packs are known for being durable, with creative storage solutions for your gear and are loved for their massive carrying capacity. 

Your Revelate Handlebar-Pack choice begins by deciding whether you want a top-loading handlebar pack or a handlebar roll and then narrowing down to the volume that works best for you, then determining which options will best fit your handlebar width.