Ortlieb Sport-Roller (Single)


Pack up, Rack up, and Go!
Ortlieb Front Roller Classic waterproof panniers are terrific, expedition-quality front panniers. Mount these panniers to one of our front bicycle racks to expand your overall cargo capacity. These bags offer retractable handles for easy and convenient mounting and dismounting as well as attachable straps so you can sling the bag over your shoulder when off the bike.
(Sold as a Single. Also available as Pairs and with Add-On Deals.)


Expanding the Adventure Capacity of Your Bicycle

Looking back, you recall your attempts to explain your “bicycle vacation” to your friends and family. It wasn’t easy trying to get them to understand what this was really about.

But now that you’re well on your way, it would be so simple to express to them that feeling of simultaneous freedom and connection achieved while voyaging by bicycle. Your whole world is packed up on your bicycle and the people you encounter along the way sense this and naturally want to be a part of the experience with you.

Today begins a new chapter of your journey.  You’ve spent the last few weeks riding through familiar places. But today, you’ll cross a border to begin your adventure into the unknown.

You’ve planned this trip for months and you chose a set of Ortlieb’s Front Panniers for the front-end of your touring rig. Your bicycle looks rugged and ready decked out with Ortlieb’s front and rear. And you’re fully prepared for the adventures ahead with all of your essentials snugly packed away in your waterproof and adventure-ready Ortlieb panniers.

Q: What differentiates the Sport Roller Classics from Ortlieb’s other front panniers?

A: Sport Roller Classics are built with the “Classic” polyester, PVC coated fabrics whereas the Front Roller Plus use the “Plus” cordura, PU coated fabric. (details in features)

A: Sport Roller Classics have a roll-top closure whereas the Sport Packer Classics and Sport Packer Plus have a lid over gasket closure. (details in features)


  • QL2.1 mounting system (Compare)
    • Features of both Upper & Lower Mounting
      • Manufactured from a fiber-reinforced high-tech, anti-scratch thermoplastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
      • Fits rack rails from 8mm to 16mm diameter.
      • See the QL2.1 mounting instructions.
    • Upper Mounting
      • The hook positions are easily adjusted without tools for optimal placement on the rack’s upper rails.
        • More forward placement is better for weight distribution, but rearward positions may be necessary for heal clearance.
      • Quick-lock hooks open automatically by lifting the pannier handles for easy one-handed removal.
      • Includes anti-scratch hook inserts for 8mm, 10mm and 12mm rails.
      • Rails integrate with the Ortlieb Pannier Security Cables-Short for locking to your cargo rack.
    • Lower Mounting
      • The semi-elliptical shape of the lower hook rail allows for optimal positioning for secure and easy attachment.
      • The lower hook position along the rail and orientation (in 15 deg steps) is easily adjusted without tools.
      • An additional lower mounting hook can be added on for extra security of the panniers in rough conditions.
  • Fabrics (Compare)
    • Features of both fabrics
      • Highly rated tear and abrasion resistance.
      • Use of high frequency welding to meet the highest of waterproofing specifications.
    • “Classic” – Polyester, PVC Coated – PD620
      • Used on the colored panels.
      • As compared to the “Plus” fabric, this fabric is stiffer with a glossier outer finish.
      • Cleans off very easily.
      • Highly durable, pvc waterproof inner and outer layers.
    • “Classic” – Polyester, PVC Coated – PS490
      • Used on the black panels.
      • Highly durable, pvc waterproof inner layer.
  • Roll-Top Closure (Compare)
    • Simple, effective and highly versatile means of protecting contents against dust and spray water from all directions.
    • The roll closure gains its stability and waterproof quality from the thin plastic stiffener bars sewn into the upper end of the material.
    • The height of the panniers can be adjusted to accommodate different size loads
      • The unrolled material extends 28cm / 11″ from the upper hook rail.
      • For maximum capacity while maintaining waterproofness, a minimal 3 rolls leaves 18cm / 7″ of fabric extended.
      • OR all of the extended fabric above the upper hook rail can be rolled up for smaller loads
    • A center strap provides additional support for sealing the closure.
      • A Rack Pack Medium or Small can be mounted across the top of the pannier.
      • The center straps can connect to the Rack Pack’s straps to secure it in place (A strap over the center of the Rack Pack is also recommended).
    • The rolled closure straps integrate with a 69cm / 27″ shoulder strap.
      • A low strap hook secures the position of the shoulder strap for sealing the closure.
      • Utilizing the shoulder strap closure method allows for a flatter top-of-pannier surface for mounting a Rack Pack.
      • Alternatively, the shoulder strap closure doesn’t need to be used and the rolled closure straps can buckle to each other to seal the closure.
  • Dust & Water Proofness Rating: IP 64 (Compare)
    • 6 = Dust proof, no penetration of dust.
    • 4 = Protected against splash water coming from all directions.
  • Includes two shoulder straps for carrying the panniers away from the bicycle.
    • Shoulder straps integrate into the roll closure system and allow for a fast transition between cycling and off bike modes.
  • Highly reflective 3M Scotchlite patches measuring 8cm x 8cm / 3″ x 3″.
    • Positioned on the front and rear of each pannier for forward and rearward visibility.
  • Internal pocket.
    • Main pocket is open without a closure.
      • Measures 30.5cm / 12″ tall and 32cm / 12.5″ wide at top and 23cm / 9″ wide at bottom.
    • Secondary mesh pocket has a zippered closure.
      • Measures 13cm / 5″ tall and 32cm / 12.5″ wide.
  • Lower edge protector with slots for mounting to the Ortlieb Carry System.
    • Creates a stable bottom so the pannier can be set upright on the ground.
  • Typically used as rear panniers but can also be used as large front panniers.


  • Sold as a Single. Also available as Pairs and with Add-On Deals.
  • H x W x D (each): 30cm x 25cm x 14cm / 11″ x 9″ x 5″
  • Weight (single): 795g / 28.05oz
  • Volume Capacity (single): 12.5L / 763 cu in


All Ortlieb Bags are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.