Frame Bag, at the center of it all

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Oveja Negra Half Pack

The 1/2 Pack is our partial frame bag that allows for gear storage within your triangle while still leaving room to run water bottles/cages. Available in four sizes, the 1/2 Pack fits a multitude of open frame designs and is a great bag for longer day rides and overnight adventures alike.

Oveja Negra Superwedgie

It's a fantastic addition to the people looking for a smaller frame bag for regular riding. The bag has a full-length flat pocket on the non-drive side is ideal for storing small things like mobile, while the main compartment on the drive side may accommodate heavier bikepacking supplies.

Oveja Negra Bodega Full Frame Bag in Black

Inheriting its name from the corner store, our Bodega full frame bags are the junk drawer for all of your bikepacking essentials and can fit provisions for an all day, overnight, or month long ride. Stash burritos, beverages, bags of ramen, and anything else you find fit to carry in our highest volume frame bag.

Revelate Designs Tangle

The Legendary Revelate Designs Tangle frame bag is the original Half Frame bag, it offers substantial cargo capacity in a sleek, rectangular shape that fills unused space on your bike.

Revelate Designs Ranger

The Revelate Designs Ranger Frame Bag is a workhorse of a frame bags. Designed to make use of the full triangle, the Ranger is an off the shelf bag that fits a huge range of standard mountain and fatbike geometries. We used our wealth of knowlege from years of custom bag building to deliver on a bomber feature rich bag that you can swap to different frames for years to come.

Revelate Designs Ripio

If miles upon miles of open dirt roads are your calling, the Ripio frame bag will haul your stuff. The Ripio is the full-frame solution for your road, gravel or touring bike.

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The bag at the center of it all. Frame bags are great for heavy thing like water, food and cookwear. We have a large variety to choose from, whether it be a half-pack, front wedge or full frame bag version.

Matching up the frame bag to your bike can be a little tricky so let us know if we can help. And/Or checkout our frame bag guide.