650b Tubeless Tire (Max 48mm) Upgrades

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Panaracer GravelKing SK Plus Tire

All hail the king!! The GravelKing range of tires have struck a chord with consumers in a way few brands have, with a devout following of cyclists that swear by them. In particular, the Panaracer GravelKing SK(with small knobs, hence ‘SK’), is Panaracer’s golden goose and the reverence and loyalty that Panaracer enjoys from cyclists was built around this one model.

Panaracer GravelKing SK Tire

A high performance all-road tire that performs well through a wide range of inflation levels. The mix of small, closely spaced center knobs and longer, taller cornering tread blocks is appreciated in soft or loose surfaces.

Teravail Cannonball

Man your stations, because the tire wizards at Teravail just hurled a cannonball at us! The Teravail Cannonball is a tire that was engineered with North-American gravel race terrain in mind. Teravail promises that the Cannonball will be able to tackle any “coarse gravel” routes that your wheels encounter and we believe them, these guys know a thing or two about tires we heard.

Teravail Rutland

Minimalist tread patterns sure roll fast on a pair of sleek summer tires, up until you try navigating a slippery route covered in gloopy mud with them. The Rutland is Teravail’s mud-specific tire that thrives in “muddy gravel” and conditions that would bog down and overwhelm other tires.

Rene Herse 650B x 48 Juniper Ridge

The ultimate 650B adventure tire is designed for rides where you don’t know what lies ahead. Juniper Ridge is a rough trail on the Dark Divide in the center of the Cascade Mountains. To reach this remote destination, you want a fast tire that gets you there. When you’re actually climbing Juniper Ridge, you need excellent grip and ample volume to cope with the rugged nature of this trail.

Rene Herse 650B x 42 Pumpkin Ridge

The Pumpkin Ridge tire is inspired by the Pumpkin Ridge: a quiet, paved, road near Portland, Oregon in the Cascade Mountains with a number of promising dirt spurs heading toward the Tualatin Mountains.

Rene Herse 650 X 48 Switchback Hill TC

The original supple tire that started the ultra-wide 'Road Plus' segment. We name our tires after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that have inspired them: Switchback Hill (photo) is the first climb on the 360-mile Oregon Outback gravel ride/race. The gravel is quite loose in places, and the extra floatation of the Switchback Hill tires gives you more speed and security when the going gets really rough. 30% of the Oregon Outback is on pavement, so we designed this tire to roll as fast and grip as well as a good racing tire. With this tire, you truly have the best of both worlds.

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Rene Herse 650 X 42 Babyshoe Pass TC

Our most iconic 650B tire has a perfect balance of on-pavement grip and off-pavement volume. We name our tires after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that have inspired them: Babyshoe Pass (photo) runs between the great volcanoes of Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in the Cascade Range. This long climb on a gravel road provides a back-door way from Seattle to Portland, avoiding the crowded Puget Lowland. As you climb out of the dense evergreen forests, the mountain vistas open up, and you see glimpses of Mount Adams.

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