Open Letter To Drivers by Ms. Lauren Cooper

An Open Letter To Drivers Dear Driver: Over 40 million Americans, young and old, want to bicycle on public roads. Sadly, many are afraid to do so, in large part because drivers sometimes squeeze past them too closely. Even though most drivers don’t mean any harm, this frightening and illegal behavior has scared millions of…

McDonald's Selling Bikes?

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) will begin selling skateboards and bikes bearing the fast-food company’s brand in a new effort to get kids to burn off burgers and fries with exercise. The McKids (search) branded outdoor play equipment will be rolled out internationally later this year and in 2006. A few McKids items are already sold at…

Train Your Mind

Improve your cycling: Train your mind By Marlon Familton For April 29, 2005 If bike racing is all about who can suffer the most, then asking your body to work beyond the point of comfort in order to stay with a lead group becomes a requirement. Like the pistons of a car motor, your…

Ibex Corrida CT 3.3

I’d get one of these if I had the money… They are relatively inpexpensive with prices starting around $469. Here’s what you get: For 2005 the IBEX Corrida CT has been extensively revised with an all new frame design and a higher grade Shimano 24-speed drivetrain than was spec’d on our previous Ct (2.2) model….

Buy Your Rain Gear Now!

Since we’re approaching the summer months, now is a great time to purchase your winter gear especially a rain jacket. Jenson USA has a wonderful selection products to keep you warm during the winter months. Some of their stuff is on sale from 10-55% off! Check them OUT!

Wrinkle Free Commuting

“Our bicycle commuter pannier was developed to simplify getting your clothes, accessories, and papers to and from work. Our bike commuter pannier was designed by cyclists for cyclists. We use it (and abuse it), and are very confident that this innovation will benefit other bicycle commuters as well. We guarantee that our Commuter Pannier will…

Free Sunglasses!*

I found an ad by Sonic Eye wear in a respected cycling magazine advertising FREE* sunglasses. I decided to look up their website, and see if this deal was too good to be true. Well, they are giving away free* sunglasses. What’s the catch? You have to pay $12-$16 in shipping and handling fees….


Check out this site for Power Assited Kits for your bike! They have all types of motors, engines and doo-hickies. Heck they even have a Rotary Engine!

Pedal Power

There are 80 miles of bikes lanes, 13 miles of bike routes and 16 miles of recreation bicycling trails in Loveland. Every June, all this bike terrain gets a little extra wear and tear. Read On

Bike Paths Growing In Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE — State transportation officials are spending money to build more bike paths in Rhode Island. There are more than 43 miles of bike trails so far, and the state hopes to increase that to about 60 miles within the next three to five years. Keep Reading

Good Things Happen to Good People

Surprised to receive a new bicycle is Tessa Probst, who was named Youth of the Year at the Bryant Boys and Girls Club kickoff celebration Tuesday night. Presenting the bike is Shelly Matthews, a member of the club’s board of directors. In back is Suzanne Passmore, executive director of the club. Keep Reading

First Time Experiences

I must admit that I was a little scared the first time I rode my bike to work. 90% of my commute involves riding in the street. I had scoped out the best routes for over a month before I decided to go for it. I now wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. I…

Nashbar Handle Bar Bag On SALE!

Check out Nashbar’s Handle Bar Bag. It’s on sale for $12.99! Here’s a description: Ideal size bag to keep your essentials at hand. The main compartment gives you plenty of space for gear. The outside pocket has plenty of room for snacks. It installs and removes in a snap. Imported. You even have a choice…