How to Deal With Hazardous Road Conditions When Bicycle Commuting

Road conditions can impact your commute. Being aware of where you’re riding and what you may be rolling onto can give you time to respond to different conditions in a safe way.

1. Ride clear of debris. This can be hard when you cycle close to the curb, but avoiding debris can keep you upright and save your tires.

2. Bike around potholes if possible. Your body will love you; your bike tires and suspension will love you.

3. Ride at right angles to railroad tracks. This will keep your tires out of the grooves and keep you on the road.

4. Turn slowly and use only your rear brakes when going through gravel.

5. Slow down but don’t hit your brakes if you encounter something slick. Steer straight until you get through it.

6. Ease on the brakes, check traffic and then swerve to avoid things in your path. Don’t dart around hazards without checking to see if you might be crossing into a motorist’s path.

Brush off your tires on a regular basis. This can keep any debris you’ve picked up from putting a hole in your tire.

Overall Warnings:
Cycling in traffic can be dangerous. Observe all traffic laws and avoid potential hazards.

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