How to Create a Tool Kit for Bicycle Commuting


A good ride can go downhill quickly if you suddenly need to make a bike repair. Here are some basic tools to carry to help you get right back on the road.

1. Get a spare tube that fits the dimensions of your tires.

2. Carry a lightweight, portable tire pump that you can cycle with at all times.

3. Bring a patch kit for your tires.

4. Pick up a basic Allen wrench kit, which will enable you to tighten most points on your bike and adjust the handlebars and saddle.

5. Consider carrying Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers for items that the wrenches can’t tackle.

6. Stash a few batteries in the kit to ensure that your lights can keep running.

Overall Warnings:
Cycling in traffic can be dangerous. Observe all traffic laws and avoid potential hazards.

Tips from eHow Users:
On-Bike “Storage” by Ian F.
A seat bag or a frame bag can hold all the things you might need when you’re riding. Make sure that the pack will not interfere with your riding; otherwise, the results could be painful, but good enough for America’s Funniest Home Videos!

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