Love Thy LBS.

As cyclists we have a love/hate relationship with our LBS (Local Bike Shop). We hate them because we think that they are nickel and diming us when we compare their prices with the super cycling stores and the web/mail order stores. We love them because we know that we get personalized service and most of the shop owners are riders, like ourselves. My local shop, Atomic Bikes, is a shop that re-opened under new ownership where one of the owners Richard aka Big Rich, was the previous manager. I enjoy talking to Big Rich, he is full of cycling tips and he cares about the cycling community, not just his bottom line. They sponsor a junior racing team and they are also hosting a Road Race Criterium in Long Beach, CA on July 24th. As I mentioned before, they are also riders. They lead road and Mountain Bike rides in the local trails. They welcome all sorts of riders, especially beginners. As a cyclist, I like establishing relationships with local bike shops, I like to talk to the owners and learn about the workings of a shop. I usually refer riders to the shop and in return I get generous discounts for my friends and me. Support your local bike shop, get to know them, they will appreciate it more than you think.

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