Frame Bag Sizing… What you need to know!

We sell a lot of Frame Bags at the Campfire Cycling! The most common question when someone is looking for a bag is “What bag will best fit my bike?” To ensure a great fit watch this video an follow a few simple steps and take a little time and we guarantee you’ll have a much better experience.

We carry Revelate, Ortlieb, Apidura and Restrap so, no matter what you ride we have a frame bag that will work for you!

[Video Transcription]

Hey Matt! You ever seen one of these before? What is it?! I don’t know! I’m going to recycle it.

Hi! Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about frame bags. We sell a lot of frame bags and the most common question we get is “will this frame bag fit my bike?” Well, there are a couple of steps you can take to ensure that you get the proper fit. So if you don’t have a bike where they have made a branded frame bag exclusively for your bike and its real easy to figure out what size fits… then there are a few steps you take to ensure a proper fit. Because if you don’t get a proper fit your experience with your frame bag is going to be poor. Lets check it out.

So Revelate actually makes it fairly easy to get for the Ripio or the Ranger on each of those product pages there is actually a diagram. Here you have the Ranger which gives you the measurements for the different sizes and then the Ripio. So we are going to make a template that mimics these measurements and shows how it actually fits in the frame.

So as I was saying the most important thing when you’re choosing a frame bag, weather it be for your road bike, mountain bike, touring bike, whatever bike, is actually getting the proper fit because, well lets face it, fit is really important! So, what we do is… the Ripio and Ranger frame bags are both kind of the generic bags from Revelate that will fit almost any bike, but its really important to get the proper measurements. Instead of just taking the 3 measurements of the top tube, down tube and seat tube you really need to take 5 measurements and you need to put those measurements on cardboard and cut out little templates that you can hold in your frame, so you can get the proper fit, because fit is really important.

So right here I have the Revelate Ranger small. Small! Its small! This is the small bag! They come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. So what I am going to do is is hold this small template in the center of this medium ECR and you can tell there is a lot of room in there. Its not a real good fit. What you’re looking for is something that fills the triangle, the interior of the triangle. But there isn’t too much space, because you will have problems with the velcro reaching. So the small, was too small, as we said sizing is really important. So, now I’m going to try the large frame bag and see how that fits. This is the Ranger large, as you can see it does not fit in the triangle. What thats going to cause is bunching of the bag and there could be knee or thigh strike which is really uncomfortable. So, the large is way too big.

Now the medium, comes in the triangle completely. It is going to be a pretty decent fit. Not a custom fit, but a pretty good fit.

Almost a perfect fit. With a few simple measurements and a template you can get a frame bag that fits your frame even if its not a branded frame bag almost perfectly.

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