Surlys Front Rack… The Cattle Pusher of Bike Racks!

Surly makes a front bike rack so stout it could double as a cattle pusher on an F-450! Seriously, this is not a rack for someone wanting to save weight but rather a huge front rack that you can load up with up to 70 pounds of gear.

Not only can you carry your panniers, there is plenty of room to load a 12 pack on the top platform. If you need a big, beefy front rack look no further, the Surly Front rack is your huckleberry.

[Video Transcription]

Hi Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about a bike rack and a front bike rack. I am not talking about one of those little dainty low rider racks. I am talking about a big bad ass rack made for a lumber jack. Something you could strap an axe, chainsaw… I don’t know whatever you wanted to. Its not a lightweight little rack, its a cattle pusher! Its the cattle pusher of all racks… The Surly Front Rack.

If you’re looking for a lightweight rack to put on your titanium rig or your carbon fiber touring bike, this is not the rack for you. This a rack for someone who throws an axe over their shoulder and cuts down huge huge ponderosa pines. This is the baddest ass rack we carry! The Surly Front Rack, Thats right you heard me, The Surly Front Rack. THE SURLY FRONT RACK!

Look at this bad boy. No weight savings here and its not about that. This is chromoly, it can be repaired almost anywhere in the world if you do break it. But, if you do break it, you’re probably someone who destroys everything in your life! Anyway, the Surly Front Rack is a rack that does require mid fork eyelets and lower fork eyelets or you will have to buy and adapter kit to make all that work. This rack is nice because is has a nice big platform as well as lower mounting rails if you want to keep that weight a little lower, but the truth is if you go with a rack like this you’re not worried about weight, you’re not worried about lowering your load… all you want to do is push stuff out of your way! Look at that thing! You could put it on the front of a locomotive, push anything out of the way. Surly Front Rack, bad ass!

So here is a quick look at the Surly Front Racks mounting hardware. Its pretty beefy but also very versatile, if you notice right here is will actually slide up or down to accommodate almost any wheel size and tire size.

So as an experiment, I’ve mounted my camera to the front of my Surly Front Rack to kind of give you an idea of what if go through on my daily commute and how this rack really opens up a really nice thoroughfare for me no matter where I go. It really is like a cattle pusher on the front of a ranchers pickup truck just opening up path no matter where you may travel, just adding that next level of safety through sheer size.

See what I mean? The guys are walking in the middle of the street and there is a sidewalk!

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