Revelate Designs 2016 Products

The best is about to get even better! Revelate Designs has really pushed the bikepacking industry to where it is today. For 2016 they are coming out with some exciting new products as well as some great updates to your old favorites.

New zippers, RF welded seams, pressure release valves and thermally heated hydration packs are all in the lineup now! 2016 is going to be a great year.

[Video Transcription]

Hey, Its Eric with Revelate Designs, just going to run through some of the new items we have for next spring. First of all we have this new large pocket, the Pocket Deluxe, it has a different opening than the old large pocket. It is fully padded inside. You can also run is stand alone, with a couple of clips at these points and you can mount straps to it. It is pretty multi functional.

Here we have winter specific hydration pack. We developed mostly because we live in Alaska and its a cold place so we needed something that would keep water from freezing and meet hydration needs for fat biking, nothing else on the market was really do that. Some its main features are, its not really insulated on the back at all, so you body heat keep the water warm. Then it is insulated on the inside with a foam and a thermal heat reflective material. You can access the quick release port here. Magnetic closure. It is meant to be worn under your layers, so you have buckles down low. You can pop the buckles and take it off while you’re still wearing the outer layers. The hose runs under your arm so if you blow back through your hose you won’t get a freezing mouth.

This is a line of frame bags called the Ripio which are designed around gravel bike geometry or touring frame. Bikes with a horizontal top tube. They are different from the Ranger bags in shape and size. They fit bikes from 51cm to 62cm. There are 4 sizes, this is the smallest one. They hold a ton of stuff. Pretty full featured bags. Very modular you have a ton of different mount options.

Salty Roll dry bag. This is an updated version of our dual opening dry bag. Its RF welded with beefier fabric. Works great with the Harness or any DYI system that people create. A lot of people improvise with handlebar packs. Fasten the center strap first, once you have it in place, you are pretty ready to go. Then the pocket wraps around all that.

So some subtle changes to our handlebar bags. Our Sweet Rolls are now RF welded. Different construction different fabric, still three sizes of those.

We have updated the Terrapin, it looks very similar but we have changed the shape a little bit and added some stiffening around the seat-post area. There is also stiffening in the top now a foam layer and a plastic layer that has really helped with sway. We have changed this whole top attachment as well. You can run bungee loops through these pockets here. A blinky attachment here and here if that works out. On of the main upgrades is this dry bag with an air purge valve. A big feature of the Terrapin is its compression so if you release the air, you can get this whole thing really compact.

Kind of a subtle change on all our Frame bags is we are switching to water molded tooth zippers. Through the years our zipper failures have been our number one issue. So we have spent a lot of time researching and testing some new zipper choices. Along with a stretch woven fabric is a nice upgrade on the frame bags.

Thanks Eric, looks like some good stuff for 2016

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