Ortlieb Closeouts vs 2016 Products

At the Hub we believe if you are going on a tour or have a daily commute and you have one choice of a pannier, you choose Ortlieb! Ortlieb makes some of the most user friendly and durable bags in the world. We have a huge selection from Touring Panniers to Bike Packing Bags we have you covered.

Every year Ortlieb introduces some new products and some update to their existing line, sometimes these changes are substantial and sometimes they are fairly minor. In this video we go over some of the differences for 2016.

[Video Transcription]

Oh, Hello Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about Ortliebs 2016 line versus the 2015 line.

I am in the shop today so as we always say at the Hub, safety first.

Anyway, I going to go over some of the differences between the 2016 gear versus the 2015 gear and one of the main reasons I like to do this is we have some really great sales on the former years products. The 2015 stuff is going to be on sale and I want you to be able to see the differences between the 2015 versus the 2016 stuff so you can make a decision. Ortlieb is some of our best selling equipment, we love their products but sometimes their changes from year to year… maybe not huge, but that is for you to determine. So I am going to play a couple of videos that shows some of the differences between some of the bags that we carry.

This is the Downtown Commuter.

This is the Commuter Bag.

And this is the Office Bag.

As you can see those are virtually identical at least on just casual appearance but I am going to show you the videos that kind of separates these bags and makes them a bit different. You can check that out and you can make a determination on which bag you feel is right for you.

Perfect, lets go…

Guten Tag, yah!

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