Big Tex Matt Duffin Presents: The Thule Coaster Bike Trailer!

Ever get those local car sales commercials in your area? You know the super cheesy ones? Ever wonder what it would look like if a bike shop did the same thing? Well, you can stop wondering and watch the video below. You might be disappointed. So I set the bar super low.

The Thule Coaster and Coaster XT are two great bike child trailers that are a gateway product into the realm of cycling with your kids! It’s a nice entry level trailer that is easy to set up and get your family outside and enjoying a ride.


[Video Transcription]

Hi, I’m Big Tex Matt Duffin and I’m here with these crazy Thule Trailers From

We’re slashing prices right now on this Thule Coaster right for $299.99 and then we’ve got the Thule Coaster XT for $399.99, both trailers are fully loaded. Bring em home, you’re not going to regret it! Tell everyone you know, to come on down to Campfire Cycling and check ’em out now. Let’s take a look.

We got the Thule Coaster trailer right here, it’s perfect for two children, it’s got the adjustable handlebar, secure hitch on the front, extra storage in the back and you can fill that up with lots of stuff. It’s easy to go strolling, easy to go cycling, it’s fantastic. For $299.99, it’s fully loaded and you can’t beat it!

We got the Coaster XT! This thing is great! It’s just like the Coaster! Two children! Adjustable handlebars! Secure hitch! Storage! Cycling and strolling trailer! It’s great it $399.99!

It’s got a cycling kit!

It’s got a strolling kit!

We got it in blue!

You’re probably wondering what the differences are between the Coaster XT for $399.99 and the Coaster for $299.99. There’s a hundred dollars difference there! Let me tell ya what the difference is! The coaster XT comes with PVC free windows, internal hoops for help give you extra leg room and it also comes with black rims!

That’s really about it. There’s not that much difference. I mean a hundred dollars?? The coaster is obviously the better deal!

oh My accent.

The Coaster is such a better deal for $299.99! A $100 difference? NAAA! We wanna get the coaster right here!

The Coaster and the Coaster XT, they’re both brand new, both great deal, Both come in a nice new box!

This is Big Tex Matt Duffin with and these crazy deals! Stop on by anytime and we’ll get you a free tube here in Tucson Come on down and check us out!

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