Burley D'Lite Bike Child Trailer Year End Review: Big Tex Style.

And we are back! Big Tex! But all jokes aside, the Burley D’lite is a great trailer for anyone looking to start using a kids trailer.The suspension is a huge plus because it makes the trailer “jar” a little less if you decide to ride on rough roads. One thing I personally love about the D’lite is within 5 mins of getting it at home, I have to it together and out riding within 10 mins of getting delivered.

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I’m Big Tex Matt Duffin and I’m here today with some extraordinary deals from www.CampfireCycling.com. The deals are on the Burley D’Lite Trailers. We’ve got the 2015 Burley D’Lite Bike Child Trailer right here and the 2016 Burley D’lite Bike Child Trailer Right here! Come on in and I’ll tell you all about the, take em home, you’re going to love this trailer.

All right, I got two fine looking trailers and both could be in your house and look really good. Let me tell you about the Burley D’lite and what makes it so special here.

The Burley D’lite comes with full suspension, so your not hitting those bumps all the time. The D’lite has a sunshade in it and that will help keep the sun outta your eyes and keep your little ones happy. You can fit 1 or 2 kids in the Burley D’lite trailer, one on one side and one on the other or put one in the middle, it doesn’t matter. The d”lite has black wheels! That means when your rolling through you neighborhood, your neighbors will be like “wow, check out that trailer!” It’s the black wheel! They are fancy and they look great. The D’lite also has an adjustable handlebar on it, so if our tall or really small, it doesn’t matter, it will fit you. It’s fantastic and its great. Also comes with a cycling kit. You can hook that puppy right up to your bike and go around your neighborhood. and you will have a really good time, it’s guaranteed.

Pa, Phone!

This is Big Tex Matt Duffin! How can I help you?

You’re interested in the Burley D’lite? Well do I have a deal for you today! You come on down right now and get one for $469.99! That’s right tell em Big Tex Sent you!

You might be wondering, “hey big Tex, whats going on with the 2016 model and whys it more money?” Guess what Ill tell you right now! The D’lite has some great features added!

On the Burley D’lite 2016 model here, it really starts with the improved nose guard here on the bottom and as you can see it stops it from rubbing on the ground, it keep it really nice and stops the scuffing on your trailer. I hate that. It keep it looking new and looking nice. It also comes with the new Steel hitch. Steel is sturdy. It feels really good, it’s super nice! Another great feature is the Handlebar light holder, so if you want to go ride at night and show off your black rims throughout the streets you can. This is the way to do it right here. Fast and Furious Style. Also has a flag holder, you can keep that flag up. When you walk around your neighborhood, people will see you coming from miles away! Its great!

The Number 1 feature on the Burley D’lite trailer is right here on the inside. The New S.I.T System right here for your kids! S.I.T stands for Spring Integrated Technology. That means there are no tangles and no limp straps, so it keep the harness perfectly around your child which is great. It’s super easy to buckle in. Unfortunately the 2015 trailer doesn’t have this. ON the 2015 the harness will sag a little bit but don’t you worry it’s still a great trailer. Push this button on the S.i.T and BOOM your kid is out. It’s fantastic.

It’s got an adjustable handlebar on it!

It’s got suspension!

It’s go t a cycling kit!

Comes in Green or Orange!

It’s got black wheels! (Nice Black Wheels big tex!) Thanks Brian!

Alright you got two Great trailers here. the 2016 here with some newer features on it we just spoke about in the video. It’s $697.99! It’s fully Loaded, real nice! Bring it home! Over here we got the 2015 D’lite, it’s going for $469.99, its the year end model, your going to love it, take it home! I’ve been in this thing myself, Brian has too, We gone around the neighborhood a couple times. People say HI to us. It’s great.

This is Big Tex Matt Duffin With www.CampfireCycling.com and these extraordinary deals won’t last long. Check em out today!

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