Giant Saddle Bag Shootout!

If you have done any bike packing, chances are you have a seat bag. Josh goes over the various brands and sizes we carry in this comprehensive large seat bag shootout!

[Video Transcription]

Hey, I am Josh with Campfire Cycling. Today I am doing a giant bike saddle bag shootout. I will be showing off all the the giant saddle bags we carry at Campfire Cycling and give you an overview and how the compare to one another.

I am going to start with the Revelate bags this is the Viscacha which is Revelates larger pack, its pretty big. The volume is up to 14 liters. Next we have the Pika, which is paked quite a bit smaller, but it will accommodate up to 12 liters. The bottom is quite a bit deeper on the Viscacha as compared to the Pika. Moving on we get to Revelates other take on the saddle bag, the Terrapin it takes up to a 14 liter dry bag.

Apidura has a saddle bag that is quite similar to the design of the Revelate bags. They have 3 sizes, their large bag is 17.5 liters and it is the largest of all the saddle bags. That is the Apidura large saddle bag compare it to the medium at 14 liters and finally the small at 11 liters.

Moving on to a bag similar to the Terrapin, the Restrap Carry Everything which is another holster style bag and it works in a similar way and carries a similar volume.

Then the Blackburn Outpost Seat Pack is yet another holster style bag that is 10.5 liters so it is the smallest of the group.

We are going to move on over and show you how these fit onto a bicycle.

Starting back with our lineup, with the Viscacha and it fits in there nicely. The Pika, a bit smaller with more tire clearance. The Terrapin, see how that fits in there, not quite as much tire clearance as the other two.

Now the Apidura bags, these have two straps on the seat post, the large size does. The medium also with two straps and finally the small with a single strap and plenty of tire clearance.

The Restrap carry everything, not as much tire clearance on this bag.

The Blackburn outpack, another two strap design with quite a bit of tire clearance.

Alright for the final part of my comparison today, I am going to really put my head into this and figure out how well my head fits into these bags. We really like to head into things around here. So I have a special hair dew today, to show off while I need a hat. My head size is 23 inches.

We will start out with the Pika, no, it does not really fit, a bit small. How about the Viscacha? Ah, nice fit. Very good hat, great for a party. Alright, lets see how the Terrapin works, I is always interesting to figure out what the right angle is to wear these as a hat. There we go! Fits on pretty well.

Alright, Apidura large. This hat must work great. I am going to give myself a little brim. Yeah! Alright, Apidura medium. Ah yeah, nice and snug. Good fit! Apidura small, wow, that is actually a perfect fit.

This one is interesting. Not sure, maybe Darth Vader? Alright, Oh, great fit. Perfect hat actually! Yes, very good.

Lets see if the Blackburn thing works. Charge!!!

Thanks Everyone, I’m Josh with Campfire Cycling.

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