OMM Bike Racks are so cool… you'll feel like you're riding with a constant tail wind!

Old Man Mountain has been creating solutions for bikes that previously could not accommodate front and rear racks for 20 years! Hand made by master welder and all around super dude Channing Hammond OMM racks can fit virtually any bike.

Having the option to add a rack to almost any bike and create a daily commuter, lightweight touring rig or bike packing adventure bike is a huge bonus. OMM makes a fit kit that will adapt a Pioneer or Sherpa to fit any wheel size or axle type. So, bring on your 13 pounds carbon road rock or fully suspended trail hound, we have a rack solution for you!

[Video Transcription]

Hi, Brian with Campfire Cycling here today to talk about, well, to tell you a story. The story is about how I was introduced to Old Man Mountain bike racks and how I used to be, I know its hard to imagine… uncool and Old Man Mountain bike racks made me cool. So we are going to tell a story about OMM racks and talk about the most versatile bike racks we carry. Lets go, lets tell a little story.

So as you can see on our shop security system, I was riding into work approximately a year ago and a headwind followed me everywhere! For 6 months everywhere I went I had a headwind. It didn’t matter which direction the flags were blowing, didn’t matter what the weatherman said, that headwind you saw was everywhere! Then, Old Man Mountain racks came into my life and let me show you what happened.

I think you kind of get the idea how OMM not only changed my daily commute it actually changed my life. They are some of the best racks around, definitely some of the most versatile racks we carry. The main reason is it doesn’t matter what you ride. It does not matter if you have eyelets, quick release, thru axle, OMM can find a solution for your bike even if it has front suspension or full suspension.

So I am going to over some of the things they do to make their racks fit on just about every bike. Lets go!

So er spoke about the versatility of the OMM racks, the thing that makes these racks so Versatile and able to fit any sized wheel and style or type of bike… from a road racer to a serious off road full suspension thru axle is these fit kits. Just to show you some basic examples here are a few of the fit kits Channing over at OMM makes. We have tons of these fit kits so we can dial in any bike you may need. Basically these are the foundation of the OMM rack. These kits will just bolt on right at the base of the Pioneer or the Sherpa and they will allow it to fit your bike, no matter what bike you may have. So, if you have any questions, give us a call, we are the King of bicycle accessories, bicycle racks, Bike backpacking, Bike touring and bike commuting. So, don’t hesitate to call us with your questions and we will be happy to help you out.

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